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Pink Pig Sketchbooks

So pleased to announce a number of our friends at Dirt Cheap are now representing Pink Pig Sketchbooks!

High quality, artists sketchbooks delivered direct to your door in a variety of paper weights and in economy and ecologically sound ranges.

Some members of the team you should follow…










The quality is truly great and many of the artists (including myself) have been using these books for over 10 years before becoming a member of the team. Stay tuned for much more content and exciting projects coming soon from the team.

You can purchase Pink Pig Sketchbooks and papers on their website here and also on Amazon here.

Get 10% off your order by entering the code ‘OSmith10’ at the checkout!

Amadeus Magazine Issue 5 Launch

The good people at Amadeus Magazine are launching their 5th issue, if you are in the LA area you should go check it out. All Vinyl DJ set by PRES, Live art by Jennifer Korsen and free beer from House Beer.

Issue 05 artists include:
America Martin
Clay Hickson
Damien Tran
Fred Stonehouse
Hannah Stouffer
George Heaven
Loro Verz
Kate Mitchell
That Thing


Friday, May 29at 6:00pm – 11:00pm in PDT
Imperial Art Studios
695 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021
Facebook event info here.

Tom Sledmore

Trippy ‘Through the looking glass’ type work from York based artist Tom Sledmore, love the bizarre forms and layering techniques. 

CATFISH DSCF4949-Edit P1090870 (2) P1090923 (2) P1100087 (2)

 You can see more of Tom’s work on his Flickr here.


Art and Craft – Documentary

Back to the visual arts for a moment, ‘Art and Craft’ is a new documentary about Mark Landis, One of the Most Prolific Art Forgers in U.S. History.


Although he has never been convicted as a criminal, as he donates his work to museums and doesn’t look to con money from unwitting art collectors. The story follows Matthew Leininger, a registrar who uncovers the ruse and begins to investigate his decades of deception.

Directed by Sam Cullman and Jennifer Grausman; Co-directed by Mark Becker

For more information go here.

Red Container

During a May sunny day, bring together: red paint, kids, a white container house…

Red Container

Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_06 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_07 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_08 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_09 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_11 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_13 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_14 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_18 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_20 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_21 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_23

by Candoni Kids, 9 periodicoElfoRub Kandy, Angelo Sabatiello

Rome,Via Candoni, May 12, 2014

The rest of the photos can be found here.

Under the Bridge – Graffiti & Music Jam

Event this Saturday for all you Yorkshire heads!

Mad fresh x fresh kids-01

Our events group Fresh Kids has teamed up with local event/clothing company Mad Fresh for an all day and night event. Live graffiti art, and music ranging from funk to hip-hop to jungle, PLUS a BBQ… What more could you want?!

Mad fresh x fresh kids-02

Eclectic mix of dope sounds coming from some great northern talent. Get down!

For more information view the Facebook event here.


Flyer by Oliver Lancaster Smith.

Jung Katz interview – Oliver Lancaster Smith

It’s a journey and I don’t think there is a tangible ‘aim’.

'Red Stripes' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith (5)

The great guys over at Jung Katz interviewed our editor Oliver Lancaster Smith. Check it out here.

Chris B Murray

Damn! Our friend Chris B Murray has dropped us a brilliant piece of illustration in our inbox, titled ‘The Wise One’ it was produced for Paramount Pictures and iam8bit for the new TMNT movie.


See more of Chris’ beautiful work over at his website here, or on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr Instagram

Follow 5 – Instagram

Okay so here are our top 5 Instagram accounts this week…


Who: elsasketch

Why: Amazing character designs



Who: jesterjacobs

Why: Very funny short videos by the English/Brooklyn rapper



Who: okano.x

Why: Super cute Japanese signage and typography



Who: lugosis

Why: Dope illustrative graffiti



Who: van_styles

Why: Sexy girls and apparel