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Snuggle City

Okay so everyone loves a good fluffly lovely cuddley set of PJs and these handmade beauties are perfect for chilling on a down day!




Oatmeal Nighty




Crazy in Schnugz

Handmade with love, to order by talented individuals and shipped out worldwide to you sexy people! You can purchase the pieces direct from Etsy here.

Model: Nadia Amini
Photography: Olivia Sykes

Modern Fairytale Club x Oliver Lancaster Smith

Modern Fairytale-Club x Oliver Lancaster Smith
‘Bad is Better’ Limited edition T-Shirt.


Photography: Ben Coletta
Model: Becky
Direction: Sally
Motion Graphics: Sholto Smith

Remember kiddies, Bad is Better! 666

all in, all 2012 – Kara Messina for Adidas

Friend of Dirt Cheap, Kara Messina (Of Y’ OH Streetwear) was asked to create this customised one off pair of adipower boxing boots to celebrate the first year of women have competed in Olympic boxing, and also in support of all the sportswomen of the Olympics.

See more of Kara’s work here.
First seen here.

STAY FLY | Shoe Juice

So, this next product is straight outta Yorkshire! from our good friends at ‘Stay Fly’ basically, if you’re a Sneaker Fiend, or a Clean Freak you need to read on…

“Stay Fly Shoe Juice is a formula created to prevent staining and water damage to Fabric and Leather.

Stay Fly Shoe Juice forms a thin clear protective coating around fibres which due to its highly hydrophobic properties reduces moisture penetration rate significantly improving water repellence and developing an easier to clean surface. Coffee, tea, blackcurrant and red wine staining for example is reduced considerably.

Shoe Juice is formulated using the latest hydrophobic technology – water repellent, stain resist and easy to clean.”

So a year or so ago I saw all these videos about Hydrophobic substances, that basically repel water… I thought how cool it would be if your clothes or trainers were covered in the stuff – no stains, ever!

Me being the lazy guy I am, never did anything about it… But the guys at Stay Fly obviously had the determination to see the idea through, thus ‘Shoe Juice’ was born!

I knew I had to try the stuff, so one morning I open my letter box to find a little parcel containing this bottle and a sheet of instructions. First up the packaging and logo, dope! done by another of our friends over at Ejectos, you can see his branding for the project here.

So now we will walk you through the application of ‘Stay Fly – Shoe Juice’…

  • First up, Shake the bottle!
  • Then, as with all stuff like this, it is advisable to test a little of this stuff on a small patch of fabric out of the way, just in case it doesn’t work right!
  • Right, so these are brand new kicks, otherwise I would advise getting them as clean as possible before starting.
  • It’s really easy to apply, basically just spray the shoe as evenly as you can, covering the whole fabric area. Best to give it a light, but even coat, then reapply; than to try drenching the fabric and possibly coming out with an uneven or stained finish.
  • I would personally give it a couple of good coats, with some drying time in between.
  • Then leave the suckers for 24 hours to dry properly!
  • DONE!

So here is the result! This stuff is pretty mental, look at the water just slide off it, Teflon Don! These shoes are normal canvas weave, which even when new, would soak up water pretty damn quick. With Shoe juice it just repels straight off!

How cool is this stuff?! So now you’ve seen it, I’m sure you want to buy some STRAIGHT AWAY! and coat all your precious kicks in the stuff. So here are the details:

Stay Fly Shoe Juice forms a thin clear breathable protective coating with hydrophobic properties.

Protection for trainers, fabric and leather shoes
Water repellent and improves stain resistance

Shoe Juice costs only £13.99 (Post and packing included!) – And that will cover up to 5 pairs of trainers!


Here are some videos of the stuff in action:

Find out more on the Stay Fly Website.

Matt Glasby Illustration

Here’s a selection of amazing new work from friend of Dirt Cheap, Matt Glasby.

Attack Attack
American heavy metal band AttackAttack needed some crazy tee designs for there new merchandise. These are what i came up with. A bit of a departure from my usual style of artwork but was quite fun none the less!

Illustrations for Placebo Merchandise.

Head over to his website for more!

Stööki x Kusama x Louis Vuitton @ TATE Modern

Event not to be missed from friends of Dirt Cheap, Stööki..

Stööki x Kusama x Louis Vuitton presents.. Kusama-rise
Stööki curates a fashion playground, in collaboration with Yayoi Kusama & Louis Vuitton.
The event will be held at the TATE Modern on the 24th of March, 13:00-18:00.
Stööki is an independent jewellery & apparel label that launched last year May, presenting
themed collections through interactive art and immersive events.
The lifestyle brand was founded by a collective of 3 practising artist known as the Stööki
Craft Makers, who have collaborated with brands such as Red Bull, The V&A Museum,
Swatch MTV Playground and more.
Your Stööki Craft Makers are:
Luke Hippolyte – Graphics & Sound Designer
Quincey Cassell Williams – Creative Strategist
Nadia Abbas – Jewellery Technologist

Facebook Event Page

Fresh new talent- Manchester spring fashion show 2012

On the 8th of Feb, i caught the train to Manchester to review the Annual Manchester spring fashion show 2012. Although the weather outside was bloody freezing, the emerging fresh talent definitely took my mind off it. Several designers showcased their collections, displaying an eclectic mix of styles and designs.

Take a look at the next big things.

The show


Inspired by the exotic flowers displayed at Kew Gardens, this collection fuses feminine elegance with urban glamour. Mixing luxury silks, ruffles and leather binding with a rich colour palette. Beautiful, just beautiful. 


Encapsulating the revival of the bohemian, the collection uses soft hues with bold daring prints capturing a free spirit. Dramatic silhouettes were created with a mix of maxi and mini dresses, pencil skirts and bell sleeved blouses. Free and fabulous. 


“you can’t control me” – based on  suppressed childhood memories and nightmares. A Shockingly powerful collection, as the models marched through in latex pieces. Manipulating fabrics creating textured and daring outlandish designs. I don’t know if it was the interesting textures, baby faced prints or the strong smell of latex, but for me, this was the most rememberable collections of the night.


Taking inspiration from all over the world, this collection fuses African prints and vibrant colours with Japanese contemporary art work. Style and comfort come together in this collection. Giving you a taste of cultural flavour.


Runner up for the 2012 best emerging designer award. This forties and fifties inspired collection had pops of colour and delicate, sensuous designs. The whole collection illustrates Wroe’s conscious effort to reduce fabric waste producing a zero waste pattern cutting.


The collection which screamed confidence! tutu skirts, cut out arms and printed t- shirts were presented with attitude. The girls were accessorised in punk head bandannas, long fingerless gloves and retro glasses. A sinister gothic twist with a sultry burlesque styling the kitch glamour. “To be disturbing but oh so pretty!”


 A Nostalgic take on a modern collection. With a  60’s and 70’s theme, sporting  sun and tea dresses, high waisted shorts in retro and vintage prints. Bringing the past to create a beautifully dressed future!


Winner of best emerging designer 2012. The “Coincide” collection is all about reconnecting with the our planet. A contemporary twist on eco friendly designs. Earthly colour palettes with layering and intriguing panelling techniques, a beautifully constructed collection, demonstrating sustainable style! 


 Tradition goes modern, with this heritage based collection. Hosting tweeds, faux fur coats,ripstop nylon shirts paired with croc winklepickers. Thom Neal uses skill and attention creating jaw dropping pieces. Truly British with a contemporary twist.


Finishing with the ultra modern sassy collection. One of my personal favourites of the night. Digitally printed pieces with crystal and stud embellishments flooded the collection. Fantasy meets reality with the textured, exquisite experimental designs.

An amazing show, with raw and modern talent. Remember these names, as the designers are about to take Britain by storm!

Words and Photography Johanna Bras’


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