Red Container

During a May sunny day, bring together: red paint, kids, a white container house…

Red Container

Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_06 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_07 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_08 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_09 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_11 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_13 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_14 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_18 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_20 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_21 Red-Container_999-Elfo-Rub-Sab-818px_23

by Candoni Kids, 9 periodicoElfoRub Kandy, Angelo Sabatiello

Rome,Via Candoni, May 12, 2014

The rest of the photos can be found here.


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