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Pink Pig Sketchbooks

So pleased to announce a number of our friends at Dirt Cheap are now representing Pink Pig Sketchbooks!

High quality, artists sketchbooks delivered direct to your door in a variety of paper weights and in economy and ecologically sound ranges.

Some members of the team you should follow…










The quality is truly great and many of the artists (including myself) have been using these books for over 10 years before becoming a member of the team. Stay tuned for much more content and exciting projects coming soon from the team.

You can purchase Pink Pig Sketchbooks and papers on their website here and also on Amazon here.

Get 10% off your order by entering the code ‘OSmith10’ at the checkout!

Jacopo Rosati – Fuzzy Felt Artworks

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Jacopo Rosati

Old Soviet Children’s Games

See the rest here.

WY Cypher Season 1 Episode 3

Third episode of the new look WY Cypher featuring Lunar C, Matter, Joe Snow, JND, Disgust, Chief Wigz and So Sincere.

Good Books “Metamorphosis”

Must watch! Incredible work..

Client: Good Books
Agency: String Theory
Director: Buck
Music & Sound Design: Antfood

(via @RicoSmith_ )


We are pleased to showcase the work of very talented designer, Helene ‘Helvetika’ Vetik of Tallinn, Estonia. This multi-talented young designer has won numerous awards for her lovely design work including recieving a Bronze medal in the Eurobest contest!

And she has a Pug.

As usual I will let the pictures do the talking, here they are…

– Love these posters!

You can find out more information and view loads of great work on her Behance portfolio here. View her blog here.

Thanks Jo for the heads up!


Nice. Check out his website here.

want motion graphics?

well i almost have a website here.


By Sholto Smith.
twitter: @SholtoSmith

“I’m not just a font, I’m a force of mother fuckin force of nature!”

Funny little video from the seldom seen perspective of Comic Sans, the most hated typeface ever? Really nice simple animation/illustration too.

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.