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Amadeus Magazine Issue 5 Launch

The good people at Amadeus Magazine are launching their 5th issue, if you are in the LA area you should go check it out. All Vinyl DJ set by PRES, Live art by Jennifer Korsen and free beer from House Beer.

Issue 05 artists include:
America Martin
Clay Hickson
Damien Tran
Fred Stonehouse
Hannah Stouffer
George Heaven
Loro Verz
Kate Mitchell
That Thing


Friday, May 29at 6:00pm – 11:00pm in PDT
Imperial Art Studios
695 S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles, California 90021
Facebook event info here.

93 Magazine launch

We are really excited about this, you should be too. 10857217_10153095297759557_1430175270239052977_o


“What we did then and who we are now.”

Young creatives, the 90’s generation, they’ve got their shit together.

It is rare that these days, any young artist, photographer or writer will have their work published as a physical form. The industry has dramatically changed, as our desire to have everything so immediately and at our convenience, has meant many magazines have struggled with online competition and ceased print all together. However recently, tangible publications with more depth and statement have come about. They have created a new enthusiasm for print and a revival of what the magazine should really be. Each one different and just as unique and interesting as the next. 93 utilises social and online media to support the printed publication and the artists involved, without discarding any anticipation for the physical copy.
93 is about the 90’s generation, for the 90’s generation. A celebration of talent and creativity, and an opportunity to get your work on some really nice paper.

Find out more here. Event details here.

Alfie Kungu

Loving the work of painter Alfie Kungu, check it out…

10872147_1023412201018677_1147381547_n 10934484_1024074897619074_1860763696_n 10941273_1023412177685346_2137632600_n 10941285_1024074544285776_1012639441_n 10941307_1024075094285721_993453900_n 10945158_1024075570952340_1270076594_n 10945369_1024074660952431_1756403927_n (1) 10947846_1024074674285763_852865644_n 10947849_1023412191018678_2003801079_n 10949972_1023411141018783_699571814_n 10952339_1023412204352010_2072663416_n 10964906_1029729417053622_2017103050_o 10964915_1029729583720272_383172108_o 10964964_1029729467053617_1052450912_o 10969432_1029730287053535_72884611_o

Some of these pieces were created in collaboration with Elvin Jamil Sanders for a show called ‘Miss’ at Spike Island,  Bristol.

‘Polaroids’ Andrew Reynolds, 71a London 30th – 31st October 2014

And now we are pleased to introduce you to a new contributor to Dirt Cheap, Rich ‘RT’ Taylor a multidisciplinary artist from Northern England, now based in London. He will be contributing his musings, reviews and artwork from now on, we think you will dig his stuff. First up a look at Gallery 71a’s new show ‘Polaroids’ by Andrew Reynolds…


Firstly, having only been moved to London very recently I can already say Gallery 71a has some awesome exhibitions. The previous show, ‘Artist Beer Visions’, showcased a number of artists and illustrators. On the opening evenings the venue tends to get very busy with a crowd of completely different people at each event. This time was the opening of the show ‘Polaroids’ – photographs by Andrew Reynolds.


The series of Polaroid pictures capture the young life of the professional skater in Florida. Reynolds took most of the pictures inside his home where, evidently, he and his friends had some good times. Although initially Reynolds had no plans to showcase these pictures, or become an accredited photographer at all, it was through this personal documentation of experiences and memories, that people from all over the world can relate to the snapshots shown.





The venue was packed with skaters and other creative people, and the whiskey chasers were flowing. Everyone analyzing the pictures; pointing out the people and discussing similar stories they’d had. In this way there was a sense of nostalgia (especially with the Polaroid format) and community as people connected with the photos, which is what makes these images so successful.

Words and Photos by RT

Tom Sledmore

Trippy ‘Through the looking glass’ type work from York based artist Tom Sledmore, love the bizarre forms and layering techniques. 

CATFISH DSCF4949-Edit P1090870 (2) P1090923 (2) P1100087 (2)

 You can see more of Tom’s work on his Flickr here.




Many of you may know him primarily for tearing up the world with MSK crew, doing some of the sickest murals and damage in West Coast styles, as shown above. But for the past year or so he has also been doing these awesome wooden collage pieces. Love the individual bits and the finished pieces, really nice weathered look to them and some great use of colour and pattern.





See more on his website here.

Beauté Sous le Pied (Beauty underfoot)


Beauté Sous le Pied (Beauty underfoot) is a new exhibition of photography by Peter Cain.

cueB Gallery is proud to present ‘Beauté Sous le Pied’, a captivating new series of prints by photographer Peter Cain. In a departure from Cain’s usual landscape images, this collection focuses on the finer details of the world around us. It invites the viewer to take the time to discover the beauty that lies, often unnoticed, beneath our feet.
At first glance the viewer is transported through time and space, presented with alien-like landscapes which enthral and intrigue. It is only upon closer inspection, when one engages with the subtle nuances of the images, it becomes apparent that these spectacular, and seemingly vast, ‘landscapes’ are in fact closer than we think.
It is Cain’s suggestive approach to this series that allows the viewer to question their own perceptions of the environment they inhabit when confronted with the mystifying images.

Curated by Franco la Russa
Exhibition runs from 15th August – 14th September 2014

cueB Gallery
325 Brockley Road
London SE4 2QZ

Please Come. Exhibition photos.

Here are a small selection of the work by Oliver Lancaster from his latest show ‘Please Come’. The pieces are painted in enamels on canvas and aluminium.

'Family' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (4) 'Gin & Juice' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (2) 'Nude' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (3) 'Red Stripes' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (5) 'Smoke Break' Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (1)
'Please Come.' Diptych. Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (9)'Please Come.' Diptych. Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (7) 'Please Come.' Diptych. Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (8) 'Please Come.' Diptych. Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (10) 'Please Come.' Diptych. Please Come. Exhibition photos. Oliver Lancaster Smith www.oliverlancaster.co (11)

For more information/sales contact: hello@mon53.co.uk

Please come.

PLEASE COME exhibition flyer-1 copy

Coffeevolution will open a unique exhibition featuring local artists Oliver Lancaster Smith and Joel Haslam on June 13th, on view until the end of July. Please Come will feature a selection of new works by the pair, including pieces exploring new techniques and themes for both artists. Having lived and traveled Asia together, this show is a result of their friendship and experiences …just don’t expect any Asian themes.
The private view will also host Boy Oliver, providing a soundtrack of world music, there may also be some other surprises!
Oliver Lancaster Smith has been illustrating and creating art professionally for the last 8 years, his clients include O2 Telefonica, Universal Music, Design Innovation Academy India, Stussy and Schuh. He has exhibited extensively locally and also London, Bristol, Bergen, Frankfurt and at Art Basel Miami.
Joel Haslam is a loose collection of molecules that can usually be found orbiting Coffeevolution. He also likes obligatory statements about cats.
Please Come.
Saturday 14th June, 8pm onwards

Coffeevolution, 8 Church St, Huddersfield,

West Yorkshire HD1 1DD

01484 432881


One of my favourite artists is Matisse, and the work I most admire is his paper cuts from later life. This year TATE Modern will show a collection of these papercuts – the largest to date. I will most definitely be checking it out! More information on the show here.
aaa2 matpic9 XM344965_942long Henri-Matisse-in-bed-drawing-on-the-wall of my