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Jung Katz

Because we love to promote the underdogs, the young, the creative; we also love to promote those, who promote. Got that? Great.

Jung Katz are just like us, pushing forward resources and information useful for the fledgling designer, as well as showcasing the work of said designers and finally alongside this multimedia showcase are a series of interviews from a very wide range of practitioners, which really are a pleasure to read.

From across the globe and from across the gamut of media, Jung Katz looks set to be one to bookmark for regular reading. Here are a couple of pieces featured on their blog as a taster…

Elif Biradlı

Sophie Filomena

Marton Gosztonyi

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Marilyn Myller – Animation

Okay so you may have already seen this doing the rounds, if not you’re in for a treat. Visually stunning stop motion animation made using foam models by Mikey Please (and a small but dedicated crew).


It’s not hard to see how the short has already picked up a series of prestigious awards from around the globe, the attention to detail, scope and actualisation are all stunning. It is certainly one of the most breath-taking, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring pieces I have seen in a long while. Below you can watch the acclaimed short, read on to view some of the behind the scenes videos which show the immense amount of work which goes on behind the scenes.

Marilyn Myller

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Mighty Mark ft. TT The Artist and Sushi Samson – “Ping Pong”

Fucking crazy video for a fucking crazy song. I like it.  An eclectic mix of genres and insane imagery with pixel booties – what is not to like?!

The Mighty Ep is out now via Moveltraxx get it here.

DJ Yoda – Breakfast of Champions

DEBUT SHOW on 19th SEPTEMBER, Band On The Wall, Manchester

The master of nostalgic samples and cut and paste madness; DJ Yoda’s newest project sees him heading up a live band for the first time, sure to be an excellent live show, the DJ has secured the talents of Manchester’s very own The Mouse Outfit among others such as beatbox trailblazer Shlomo.

Here is the first track Open Your Eye (feat. Rex Domino & Shlomo)

More info on the EP right here.

Not only that, there is a chance for YOU to get involved, Yoda is looking for 13 talented musicians, VJs, producers and DJs from across the UK to work intensively with him, along with special guest collaborators, over 5 days, and develop their skills, aspirations and perspectives on their music and careers. All musicians, vocalists, digital artists, animators, live visuals artists, VJs, and music makers are invited to apply – any style, any genre.

Applications can be made online at:

DJ Yoda – “This is a new arena for me, I’ve done loads of collaborations but I’ve never actually tried to put together a band, so I jumped at this opportunity. I’m talent-spotting right now, and see this as a chance to initiate music careers, as well as to realise my vision of a live hip-hop band. I want Breakfast of Champions to be the start of a real collective.”

It has got us excited to say the least, here is a taster of the vocal stylings of The Mouse Outfit:

The Mouse Outfit ‘Sit Back’ feat. Truthos Mufasa & Black Josh

Featuring our boy Obsolete on styling in the video. We see you Pete…

Let it Burn

Our friends Mr Shiraz have dropped a new video from their upcoming new album. No stranger to inventive and mental videos (See here), this one is no exception, a decidedly lo-fi animation that features a giant monster and lazer beams shot from the bands instruments and crotches – what’s not to like?!

Directed by Paul Royston
Animation by John Feather

More Shiraz goodness here.


Lovely little animation here…

Final year short animation done at Stockport College.
The idea for the short came about from reading stories told by the Native Americans about death and the afterlife.

By Tom Mathieson, more work here.



Nice bit of Stop-Motion by Neta Cohen, best viewed full-screen here.

Beauty Is Embarrassing – Wayne White Documentary Official Trailer #1 [2012]

This looks interesting!