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Chris (Simpsons Artist) – Dirt Cheap Interview

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You might have seen his work around, especially being shared on Facebook, Chris (Simpsons artist)’s hilariously unusual style has seen him become a bit of an Internet sensation – with his Facebook page racking up over 150 000 ‘Likes’ and his work being featured in numerous magazines and publications.

He took a break from a busy life of pens, women and partying to answer a few questions for Dirt Cheap.


Hi Chris, how’s things?

I have been awake for 10 minutes and it is so sunny outside of my house and it is already the best day ever.


So, how long have you been an illustrator?

I have been drawing pictures of loads of things for all of my life since I was 5 and I think to know how to draw is to know how to tell someone your secret wish.


You go pretty abstract, what made you want to draw pictures of people dressed in sausage meat? Who are your influences?

I just draw what makes me feel the best inside of myself and there is so many people on the world that just draw pictures of kettles and things because they are told to but I just think it is important to follow your heart and if you want to draw a 28 year old man that is dressed in a sausage meat outifit then I think you should just go and do it.


You have been adding some pretty big names to your client list recently, such as FHM and FRONT Magazine. How’s that been? Bit of a whirlwind?

It has been fine thank you very much and it is good to draw some pictures for loads of some magazines and it is good to go in to tescos and I tell people that I am in the magazines when I am standing next to the magazines bit for ages while I have a wait for my mum and I was telling a man that I was in the magazine that he was having a read of and he kept on telling me that I wasnt and I said that I was and I tried to show him but he held my wrist and the top of my arm quite hard so I went and had a look at the bread bit and a man that works at tescos fed me some bread through a cage and it was delicious.


How do you draw Eggs Benedict? – Matt & Dan, aged like 20 summat. London, UK. (Creative partners and definitely not a couple. I think. Either way is cool.)

I am not really sure and I think that it is just mostly a egg with a mans face I think.


What’s your favourite pencil? Have you bestowed upon it a nickname? – Daniel Nash, aged 24. Las Vegas, NV.

I have got loads of pencils at my house and I dont have favourites because everyone has favourites and if you have a favourite then you will be the same as everyone else and if you are the same as everyone else then you wont be anyones favourite so I dont have favourites and I just have bests and my best pencil is the grey one that has a little picture of a little boy begging on it and then when I turn it upside down it is like someone is giving him a coin and it is really upsetting because it isnt even enough to buy himself even a packet of crisps because it was about 2 pence that the man gave him so what is the point in being a begger if people are just going to give you 2 pence because that is rubbish and it isnt even worth going out of your house to be a begger if people are just going to give you 2 pence.


Which do you like better, day or night? – Andy Christian, aged 15. Brig, UK.

I like the day time because I like to have a watch of people that go past my house and I like to kneel outside of the shop for ages as well in the day time so people think that I have got something wrong with me but there is nothing wrong with me and I just want people to think that I am really weak so that they will come over to me and talk to me so we can have a bit of a chat and I like the night time as well because it is quiet in my house and outiside of my house and it is easier for me to listen to all of the thoughts inside of my head and I can pick out the ones that I like and I can put all of the thoughts that I dont need yet into drawers that I made inside of my head where I put all of my thoughts that I dont need yet so I can keep them safe and so all of my thoughts dont get all mixed up and clogged up and I will be able to think better for myself when I wake up the next day and I think that it is important to put away the thoughts that you dont need inside of your head before you go to sleep because that is how you can wake up feeling glad about the day that you have just had and excited about the day that you are about to begin.


You seem to dish out a fair bit of terror on your dear old neighbour, you little rascal. Are you a bit of a handful? Any recent pranks?

I know what am I like and i just call them cheering up tricks for my neighbour because she is so old and worried all of the time so I like to do some cheering up tricks for her to make her stop thinking about dying all of the time and when her daughter picked her up in her car to take her to the hospital because my mum said that she was having loads of some pins inside of her foot because he foot was rubbish because it is so old and it hangs out of her shoe it is quite thick when I was having a look at her foot when she was trying to get out of her house and I was just watching her foot for ages while she was really trying to get out of her house and then I went over to her and I told her that I had seen loads of mice under her house to cheer her up and to take her mind off dying and I told her that I saw one that was as big as her massive foot and then her daughter came in her car and then she didnt come home for 8 days and I was really worried about her but then she came back to her house and she had a blue bag on her foot when she was in her garden with her daughter and I shouted mice out of my kitchen window and they were looking at my house for ages because I kept looking at them out of my kitchen window and then I was looking at loads of things on my kitchen floor for ages because there was loads of crumbs in between my oven and my kitchen worktop and they are all different colours even though they are from the same toast.


We see people trying to bite your style, got any beef? Or just glad to influence the younger artist?

I think that people should just be themselves because no one else will be and that is a beautiful thing because we are all unique just like everyone else.


And and Dec

Are you working on anything cool at the moment, what do we have to look out for in the future?

I am just making a new picture just now that is called smile baby and it has got a tiny newborn in it that is thinking about all of the beautiful things that he is going to see in his life and I am making a book of all of my pictures and my tips and things and I am having loads of some new t shirts with my pictures on and I am having a website that my mums friend from her work is making for me so my friends can go on to it and it looks really good and a man from the television said that he wants to film me in my house and doing things for a day but my mum said that she is not sure but if he comes to my house I am going to just do massive jumps off my garage all day so he can film me doing it so I can see how high I can get and I can nearly get right in to my neighbours garden that has a dog and he is always crying in his garden when he is digging because I can see him when I look through the hole in the fence that is next to my wall.

Chris (Simpsons artist) xox

Thanks Chris!


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