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Action Bronson – ‘The Symbol’ [New Video]



Vienna Goes Verticle in Trafalgar Sq.

Check this video from our buddies at Vice, mental acrobatic displays on a vertical slant!

At 21m high this is the biggest structure erected in the iconic square and featured a lineup of art, music, light and aerobatic displays. The show was based around the many creative elements that make up modern day Vienna, from the obvious; Viennese Waltz, Gustav Klimt, to the rapidly flourishing electronic music scene, the food and the wine. The show played four times a day from 25th to the 26th of October, and was watched over by the world’s highest bungee jump record holder Jochen Schweizer and his team.

Between the wonderfully bizarre performances, members of the public were invited to test their nerves by braving a vertical walk down the face of the wall… not one for the faint hearted! (i.e. me)

Find out more about the Vienna Tourist Board here.

Dr Martens Festival – WIN TICKETS!

The Dr Martens Festival is coming to a close next week and YOU could WIN tickets!

There’s an in-store show in the Spitalfields branch of Dr Martens, on Thursday 13th (This Thursday) with Wild Mercury Sound and the festival will culminate in three shows at the Barfly.

Get involved, get a free ticket – The Dirt Cheap Way…

Daisy Lowe vs. Xperia

To celebrate the launch of the Xperia™ ray, a new HD smartphone from Sony Ericsson here are some pictures of the ‘effin gorgeous Daisy Lowe…


And for those who like moving images, here are a few sweet videos shot on aforementioned phone of the aforementioned hot as hell Daisy Lowe, mostly ‘behind the scenes’ as she entertains her hipster mates!

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

The videos do look very nice, and I guess you could describe the style/look/feel of the videos as ‘current’. Not sure how much post-production effects have been applied (I was kind of concentrating on Daisy) but it sure does look a hell of a lot better than the videos on my phone!

Calling the beautiful people…

Great opportunity for all you aspiring Twiggy/Campbell/Moss or Fimmel/Shaw/Beckford wannabes! Plus some great prizes, open to all. Get on it, Get involved!

Duck & Cover clothing, along with Vice Magazine are running a cool competition which could see YOU becoming the face of Duck and Cover clothing (guys), or featuring in a special magazine article (girls).
Full info below, for all you pretty people! 🙂

Duck and Cover are holding a competition called “We Want Your Face”. The winner will receive £1000 in cash, £1000 Duck and Cover apparel and will get to see his face all over the internet and a million magazines.

The female winner will be styled and photographed by the VICE Style team and a magazine feature.

If you don’t become ‘the face’ there are still tons of prizes to give away including ipod shuffles!


Lele Saveri

Series from 55DSL to promote their forthcoming range. Three shorts follow creative practitioners through areas of Italy. First up is photographer Lele Saveri, who has worked for Rolling Stone, NME and Vice, he visits Sicily to document a traditional small town festival. Which features some wicked costumes…

G Funk

My entry for the G-Shock & Vice competition which closes tomorrow. Good luck if you’ve entered!


Vice Photography Issue Launch

A quick heads up from myself regarding the Vice Photography Issue Launch over at the very lovely Nation Of Shopkeepers venue in Leeds (Others are happening in both London and Brighton, check HERE).

Featuring live music from the likes of Spector, The ABC Club and The Cold One Hundred as well as DJ sets from No Bones and Naive Melody it all kicks off on Wednesday 27th July at 9pm and the best news is its absolutely free to get in. See you there.


Light rain

I nearly turned this off half way through, don’t. Watch it, beautiful…

Troika_Falling Light from Troika on Vimeo.

After Hours Athletes

Vice and Puma present…
The After Hours Athletics: a night of games, late night revelry and DJs, with hosts, our dear friends, The House of Hot Breath.


The Deaf Institute
30 November
8pm – 12pm

Clique DJs
Gold Teeth DJs

On the 30th November After Hours Athletes come to Manchester for another night of games, music and booze, hosted by the very hilarious House of Hot Breath. See below for a taster of what is in store…

Sign up here for victory

Two athletes don their specially contructed boiler suits, with two usable arms and three legs, and work as a team to shoot pool.

This is table football but with a furious addition. Instead of one ball, a whole bucket of balls is dumped in and the game lasts until all the balls have been scored.

The concept is simple: sing karaoke on the crosstrainer. There’s a calorie counter attached and whoever burns the most calories is the winner. Can you beat the record: 54.7 calories to Iron Maiden’s Run To The Hills. If you can your prize will involve 5,000 calories.

Two ladies stand together back to back, each holding out a handbag filled with something heavy, at arms length. This is a test of strength and stamina: whoever drops their arm first is the loser.

This is a re-work of the classic cereal box game, using a stack of six pizzas. Each athlete has to bend down and pick up a piece of pizza without using their hands. After each round a pizza box is taken off the stack and it gets lower. People have been known to take their clothes off during this event.