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DON’T FLOP – Rap Battle – ‬Lunar C Vs Uno Lavoz

Yorkshire’s Lunar C takes on Philadelphia’s Uno Lavoz…


WY ALL DAY! (Literally, this post took fucking hours)

Loads of new stuff coming from West Yorkshire these last few weeks..here’s a round-up!

‘Meh’ – We Dont Do S**t Hip-Hop Vol.4

Written and produced by ExP @ExP_Sinoptic
Shot & Cut by Paul Cockcroft @PaulCockCroft

Lead track of the next installment of the FREE download EP, ‘We Dont Do S**t Hip-Hop’, go grab Vol.4 here.

WY Cypher

These guys meet up every week and freestyle about…stuff.

#4 ‘Fuck Matters Boss’ (100% Freestyle)

#5 ‘Matters Revenge’ (100% Freestyle)

Paul Cockcroft on the filming. Find their channel and previous episodes here.

Savvy – Masta Blasta Remix

From his forthcoming Mix-Tape ‘Play To Win Vol.3’.  Look out for his next video which will be coming soon! 😉

Follow Savvy – @iam_savvy

Chief Wigz – ‘Cat In Boots’ Teaser

Teaser for his latest project, shot by Paul Cockcroft.

Follow Chief Wigz –  @ChiefWigz

Dont Flop (Battle Rap) – Lunar C

If you haven’t heard of West Yorkshire’s Lunar C, you should have. He’s been getting like 20 facebook friend requests a day and shit.

Heres his last battle Vs Micky Worthless

His next battle Vs Uno Lavoz will be up on the Dont Flop Channel on CHRISTMAS DAY, show yer Auntie.

Here’s his recent  SBTV video ‘Shit Dealer’.

..look out for his next appearence  in a week or so!

Follow Lunar – @lunarfuckingc