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‘RAW’ – Alex Trochut

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Full project here.



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Light calligraphy by Julien Bretdon

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Seen a few of these floating around but think they are worth a full post, awesome.


Few graphic .GIFs I’ve found around, plus a couple of my own (first 2). If you are still stuck on dial-up (!?) I wouldn’t recommend clicking to see the rest..

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Packaging Porn

More lovely packaging, all collected from around the web by friend of Dirt Cheap, Helene Vetik. Check out her full Pinterest here.

Flights of Genius

Loved Stephen Powers graffiti, love his design/art/typo/sign writing. Bloody lovely. Really nice to see that handpainted type is not dead.

Advertising can be beautiful!

State of Change

Awesome tumblr blog for fans of great imagery, check out all the older posts as there is surely something to inspire everyone or at least make you smile!

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap

“I’m not just a font, I’m a force of mother fuckin force of nature!”

Funny little video from the seldom seen perspective of Comic Sans, the most hated typeface ever? Really nice simple animation/illustration too.

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole from joehollier on Vimeo.

Gabriel Andermatt

Here’s a selection of Andermatts BA Graduation Project.

‘The project explores the potential of using halftone screening as a designtool in the process of image reproduction. It shows how meanings and effects of images can be modified, affected and changed by using this tool. Two different working methods, systematic analysis and experimental handling, stand in the focus.’

Mrs Eaves

You may already know of Gemma O’Brien aka Mrs Eaves from the clip below, but here’s a little bit more! Human typography…

8 hours of writing
5 permanent markers
3 baths and 2 showers to clean off

Part of a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti spaces rather than someone elses property. Would you write all over your property?

Mrs Eaves at Typo Berlin.

I don’t understand this interview at all; from the event above.

From Typo Berlin 2009. Photography by Alexander Blumhoff.

Mulberry type.




Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Type Gun.

Go Font Urself exhibition.

Check out more of her typographic work at her blog here.

Which also features other peoples work, such as this excellent print by Peter Sunna.