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“Now I wanna dance, I wanna win. I want that trophy, so dance good.”

In Tarantino’s classic 90’s film Pulp Fiction, why is it that through all the action, gangsters and multiple narratives, we are always entranced by the stylish femme fatale Mrs. Mia Wallace?

Okay, lets face it, putting all her recreational activities aside. She is the epitome of cool.  Her effortless chic style encapsulates the audience, making it hard for them to take their eyes off the screen. Mysterious, confident , intriguing, Mia Wallace is all of them and more.

The sharp chic Italian Tailoring with a foxy feminine twist adds a element of danger and fire to the outfit. Mia Wallace does not have to dress in outlandish eccentric clothes for people to turn their heads.Clean lines and classic cuts are Mia’s signature pieces. Her simple white shirt and capri pants paired with a black chic bob and a devilish red lip is enough for everyone to go weak at the knees.

Mia Wallace, definitely one of my movie crushes, i wanna know yours?

Words Johanna Bras


Then again…

‘The Train – Stella Artois 4%’


check out JOE SNOW

awesome 50’s influenced illustration!

Ben Normanton

My buddy Ben has started posting some super illustrations via his NEW TUMBLR.

Below is a little video of him doing nice things via software!!