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Blu – New Mural

Ace new mural done by Blu in Ordes, Spain, for the DesordesCreativas festival.

Children’s Hospital – Atmospheric photos of urban decay

Love these, full set Oover Here..

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

2012 – ‘Yousif’
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I took a trip to Argentina to be with my wife’s family to spread my father in law’s ashes near the Sierra de la Ventana (one of his favorite places). He was an impressive man who loved culture. I enjoyed the way he looked at the world and the way he transmitted to those around him wisdom, simplicity and hope with his gaze. This is a new direction of permanent murals that I’ll be doing more of in the near future.”
– Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

2012 – ‘Manolo’
Manama, Bahrain.

“I went to the city of Manama in Bahrain to make a mural as part of the Alwan 338 festival put together by the Al Riwaq Art Space. Knowing the current situation there, I was a little apprehensive but a good friend working with the gallery explained the special nature of what the Al Riwaq Art Space was doing. I met some truly extraordinary people who believe in the role of contemporary art in their country’s future. Against all odds they strive to change the barren artistic landscape that exists in Bahrain today. There are so many layers to the place. There is a huge class division, exotic cars, colossal images of the king everywhere, boundless hospitality, arrests, the smell of tear gas every weekend, road blocks, women who can drive and are free to dress as they wish, a graffiti war between dissidents and the police, an American naval base since 1947, Fuddruckers, Sizzlers, a clamp down on dissident areas, the legal sale of alcoholic beverages, a rich cultural history…
It is easy to resort to the didactic or aesthetically pleasing image, but it is much more difficult to create poetic and emotionaly charged art that can reach you at different levels. There are few Bahraini artists creating profound work about this multilayered place and time. Al Riwaq Art Space is trying to change that and I have nothing but admiration for their efforts. My Identity Series murals fade away with the wind and rain. I decided to create a mural of a traditional Bahraini fisherman, one of a few hundred that are left.”
– Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

2010 – ‘Aurelio’
Monterrey, Mexico

Mural created in 2010 for the Seres Queridos Project in Monterrey Mexico in collaboration with the Marco Museum, Nobulo and Arto.

More awesome work in awesome locations at his website here.


Street artist Vhils creates amazing portraits by scratching and drilling into walls.


– alicja


This HUGE wall is ARYZ’s latest project in Saint-Denis, Réunion.
First seen here.

David Shillinglaw

I’m not going to go on and on, I just really dig this guys paintings at the moment. Colours, style, content – all banging.

View more of his brilliant paintings here.


I have been following this guys work for the past year or so and I am pretty impressed! Detailed stencil pieces that tend to focus on architectural and mechanical structures entwined with dense graphic patterns. Bold industrial forms in stark and gritty black spraypaint are paired with bright forms in singular colours, the style is very distinct and instantly recognisable.

Enough of the words, I will let you decide for yourself…

You can see more of his work on his homepage here.



Chalk street art from Antoine Paris, we like!
Antoine is currently exhibiting at the Seven gallery, rue Bonaparte, France.


Here, graffiti artist Tilt has created his own room inside the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France. One half of the room is covered in Tilt’s incredibly colourful work while the other in a beautiful contrast is simply left white. The hotel boasts 5 rooms where artists are invited to get creative in whatever way they feel possible.

– alicja