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Natalie Portman

Oliver Lancaster Smith has dropped a new, VERY limited piece, available to purchase now. Email for details.

2 Layer stencil on vintage TH Saunders premium paper. Signed and stamped.
£50 + P&P
E-Mail: hello@mon53.co.uk to purchase.
Or on his Facebook group here.

Quick! Only 1 left!



I have been following this guys work for the past year or so and I am pretty impressed! Detailed stencil pieces that tend to focus on architectural and mechanical structures entwined with dense graphic patterns. Bold industrial forms in stark and gritty black spraypaint are paired with bright forms in singular colours, the style is very distinct and instantly recognisable.

Enough of the words, I will let you decide for yourself…

You can see more of his work on his homepage here.


One of my fave graff/street/artist/illustrators (eugh I just made myself feel ill) Erosie has a new show, his first solo show in fact. So if you are in Paris, I would strongly recommend you go see it!

‘Implosion’ solo show. January 21 to February 11, 2012 at the Immanence gallery 21 Maine Avenue / Avenue side immanence 21 Avenue du Maine / backyard 75015, Paris.

More Erosie here.

Hong Kong Streets


check Evol’s flickr stream and his new process video.

Look out for him in a forthcoming issue of dirtcheap!