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auditCONTROL – To the Universe

Here is the new video from Huddersfield’s auditCONTROL, created by two of the Dirt Cheap crew! Enjoy, Share, RT!

Official video for auditCONTROL’s debut release ‘To The Universe’.

More stuff from the guys on their homepage here and on their Twitter here.

Video By –
Sholto Smith
Twitter – @sholtosmith

Peter O’Toole
Twitter – @peterotooleart


The boys over at Don’t Flop are celebrating their upcoming 3rd birthday, with some wicked (and well needed! cough cough) design! Having enrolled the considerable talent of Pete ‘Slugger’ O’Toole & Sholto Smith to produce the lovely poster and promotional video as shown above.

Well worth keeping an eye on both these designers, as their fame (and price tag) will no doubt skyrocket in the near future.

Find out more about the event on their Facebook page here.