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Highest Frequency – Listening Party

New project from our friends over at Saving Grace Music this project sees local and international musicians collaborating in an exciting way.

First off is the release: spanning genres, BPMs and the globe. A heady mix of electronic and organic beats that refuses to be pigeon-holed and in fact glories in the collaborative mix of musicians featured, sit back and prepare for a journey through the electronic beatscape…

Secondly, the so dubbed ‘Listening Party’ which will see musicians from the project performing live in an intimate venue in Huddersfield, all skilled musicians and avid technicians of their craft, surely not to be missed.

Lots of information below on both the release and the event, Check it…


Artwork by Benaiah Matheson, Max Du Bois & Liam Canning.


Highest Frequency is a selection of electronic music from established
independent + up and coming artists who possess undeniable musical
gifts. This project was born from a desire to stand as a platform for
their music, and is dedicated to all creative people everywhere.

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Fresh Kids Club – Asaviour

More info here.

Phoner To Arizona REMIX

Heavy tune, with a dirty video that feels like smoking amphetamines…

‘Phoner To Arizona REMIX’
By Savvy

Another drop from our man Savvy, working damn hard as usual! Watch out for exciting collaborations with Savvy and Fresh Kids/Dirt Cheap team in the very near future!

Video shot by Paul Cockcroft.

Adapt or Die

New joint from our boy Savvy! ‘Adapt or Die’

Wicked video, It’s grim up north son!

You Savvy???!

Our good friend Savvy aka Asaviour over at Saving-grace.co.uk has dropped a little christmas gift for y’all!

Wassup people hope your all having a great Christmas

I thought I might aswell hit you up with a little selection of tracks you might have missed from my giveaways over the year.

The selection includes:

Relay Race – Graziella (Missfrank)
Can’t Hold Me – Yogi (Antorage)
Claustrophobia (T.S.T.A) – Savvy (Saving Grace)
D90 Rules Remix – Braintax (Lowlife)
Airtight – Sonnyjim (Eatgood Records)
Gully – Asaviour & Apatight (Saving Grace)
Firtin Remix – Terri Walker (Roc Nation)

You can download the tracks here >>> http://bit.ly/h8O1eq

Feel free to share, blog, twitter and whatever else is done with music nowadays.

Cheers Savvy!

A very happy New Year to everyone from the Dirt Cheap headquarters, hope 2011 is a good year for all!

-Dirt Cheap x

Savvy mate!?

Dope little teaser vid/interview with our main man Savvy about his upcoming release, Play to Win Vol. 3. Top notch production on this video, props to James Alexander Adair. Hahah loving the pinky/tea combo!

Savvy aka Asaviour steps back out of the shadows, and gets back into gear as he starts preparing to release the FREE and final instalment of his Play to Win series. Play to win volume 3 coming soon!



New tune from Birmingham’s Sonnyjim (Eatgood Records) with production by the prolific Savvy aka Asaviour of Huddersfield. We bring you ‘Airtight’ for FREE download, are we too kind or what?!

Get this bad tune for free right here.

It’s a dark as f**k tune that harks back to the better days of UK hip hop, in my opinion. It has an almost cinematic feel to it, hard to describe but I like it. For some reason it reminds me of the film ‘Leon the professional’ but I don’t know why. The almost relentless flow of Sonnyjim and the driving beat combine seamlessly, a really good collaboration between the two parties, very fitting style for Sonnyjim’s lyrics and voice.

This is just a taster of what’s to come with Savvy’s final installment of the respected ‘Play to Win’ series. Play to Win 3 will feature amongst other things; production, guest appearances, remixes & reworks from the likes of Stac, DJ IQ, Paul White, La Roux, Jack Flash (Extra Curricular), Willie Green, Claudia Georgette, Tape the Radio, CSS….and much more.

As always stay tuned to the DC blog for more info on Play to Win 3 and sick ish like this in general!

No Days Off

We are proud to present:

Asaviour & DJ IQ No Days Off feat (Sir Smurf Lil &TB)

The Music Video to the single “No Days Off” taken from the album by Asaviour & DJ IQ entitled The A Loop Theory out now on Saving Grace Music. We helped get the team together to produce the video, we’re very proud of the result! Chris Hees and the team in York did an excellent job, the vid looks top quality.

Get your copy of ‘The A Loop Theory’ in double CD pack (dope!) here.