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What goes around comes around

Some really well executed typographic pieces by Charles Williams.

Fortune Magazine – 500

The Very Grey Matter Of Edward Blank

Press Up – Rise

See more of his work here.


Out Of Hours – A Huddersfield creative group have just confirmed their second exhibition. To be held in the historic Bates Mill, a still working textiles mill with  a community of creative tenants.

‘Show Two’ runs from 24th to 27th October.  Stick it in your diary now, their first event was busy, there will be workshops and events to compliment the showing of their artworks.

To keep in the loop you can follow their Blog, Twitter and Facebook

Really stunning use of pattern on this cosmetics packaging designed by Chloe Galea.

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Fresh Meat

I love the summer graduate shows.  Here is my personal top 3 raw bits of talent to keep your eyes on, expect big things!

Jimmy Patrick – Camberwell 
An endlessly experimental and inventive student from the illustration course who’s strengths lie in meticulous and quirky animations and playful 3D work, not to mention he’s a fantastic illustrator.
My favourite is his animation Ode To The Greenman! To comission or collaborate with him visit his website, or if you just think he’s a genius follow his blog!

Liam Barrett – Bristol UWE
Earlier this year I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek around the studio of this year’s graduating illustration class, and let me tell you they don’t fuck around in Bristol. Their standard is very high. Still I’ve picked Liam Barrett as top of the class for his hilarious and charming illustrations as well as his experimentation with 3D and general resourcefulness of materials with outstanding results. Again to contact or follow Liam’s work visit his blog!

James Hines – Brighton
Hines is a graphic designer with a twist. His work caught my eye pretty much just for being awesomely crazy. Great use of colour and collage and just generally inspired and ingenious all of the time. Visit his website to work with him and follow his blog!

I think student work appeals to me and should be celebrated because it doesn’t have any of the hang ups and compromises of the commercial world. What these guys are doing is enthusiastically pushing the boundaries conceptually and visually of what’s possible within design by constantly experimenting and reinventing and in the end you’re left with something far more exciting and interesting and human. They have been working solely for their own growth and development as artists and as a result you feel what you’re seeing is pure creativity. I hope to be this good by the time I finish my degree!

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap

Antonio Ladrillo

Ladrillo is a Barcelona based graphic artist who’s minimal, playful and sweet style I find very optimistic and refreshing! Check out his website!

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap

Nick Evenett

I went out and I met this guy and he does these cool illustrations. Check him out here!


Chris Jevons provides digital artwork for a wide variety of media including web, print and video. His work comprises character design, illustration and animation.

View more of his awesome work on his website here. Find him on Twitter here.

PCF posters

The history of the French Political poster dates back to the Forties, these works of art were created by the leading creative practioners of their time, with artists including Pablo Picasso providing artwork for the PCF political party. Present day and Sunil Pawar was charged with the task of carrying on this strong graphic lineage by giving a nod to the slick graphic style of these classic posters, but to create artwork that was relevant today, for this a series of four posters were created. These posters have appeared on streets all over France. (For those not in France, find three of the series below)

Gabriel Andermatt

Here’s a selection of Andermatts BA Graduation Project.

‘The project explores the potential of using halftone screening as a designtool in the process of image reproduction. It shows how meanings and effects of images can be modified, affected and changed by using this tool. Two different working methods, systematic analysis and experimental handling, stand in the focus.’