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Guy Bourdin: Image Maker

There’s just five days and counting until the Guy Bourdin: Image Maker exhibition closes its doors after an extended run at Somerset House. If you’re in London and can make it past the fashion pack (and the photographers baying for their blood) hanging around the place over the next few days for LFW, the retrospective is definitely worth a visit.

guy 5 guy 8

Beginning his career in the mid-‘50s and honing his expertise under the guidance of Man Ray, Bourdin is renowned for a high-shine, high-fashion, highly-saturated aesthetic and notably, the distinctive narrative that runs throughout his work.

guy 14Guy Bourdinguy 11

As well as these stylised final images, the exhibition offers a chance to see the work behind the images – from the Polaroid test shots, contact sheets and composition sketches, to the Super-8 shorts he made throughout the shoots, including one never-seen-before film.

guy 10guy 12guy 9

The exhibition is at Somerset House until Sunday. Tickets and more information are here.


Louise Barry

Louise Barry portrait photographer for Dirt Cheap. See more of her work here.

Terry Richardson

More photos after the jump, more nudity too.

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Adriana Lima

Oldskool Glamour. Damn.

Call for submissions for digital festival

Frequency 2011 – Lincoln Festival of Digital Culture

Between 21st and 29th of October 2011 Lincoln will become an interactive sensory playground that transforms how we think and feel about digital art.

We’re interested in how people use the digital realm to create and engage with art and culture. We’re looking for work that will inspiresurprise and excite people, no matter how old or young they are or how much they might know about art.

We’re now calling for proposals from artists to transform the city centre’s familiar heritage sites, to exhibit in its more traditional gallery spaces and to create pop-up galleries or cinemas around the city. We’re also interested to hear from artists who wish to host other artists that inspire them – particularly artists from another part of the world.

The Frequency Festival 2011 strands are as follows:

Citizen Science
Engaging young people to create art through involvement in science

Citizen Journalism
Engaging young people to report and review the festival via professional and social media

Unlocking the City
Artists transform or respond to architectural and heritage sites

City Hosts
Work curated by local artists in pop-up galleries

LoFi Arts Lab
Festival activities to engage visitors with creating art

If you have another idea we’d like to hear it

Signature Programme
International work curated by the Festival Directors

Download an application form and guidelines, then return to frequency2011@thresholdstudios.tv

To best understand the spaces available, you can download and save a PDF with location specs for Lincoln City sites (please note – this is a large file and will take a little while to load!)

If you have any problems downloading forms or have any other enquiries please contactfrequency2011@thresholdstudios.tv

Really good opportunity for people, get involved!