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Jack Flash x TED talks

Our long time friend and associate Jack Flash (former EOW world champ, etc etc) was recently asked by TED to host a talk. You will probably be aware of the wide ranging, educational and entertaining talks hosted around the world by TED (find out more here).

Here Flash chose to base his talk on his lyrics and how the audience and himself relate, using the format of reading and then dissecting each lyric in turn.  An intriguing idea that I have seen few similar examples of, but really like the format.

The main basis is seemingly how he has matured as an artist, how he learnt to overcome his fears and really begin to create much more personal lyrics without the facile, cliche content much of the genre is defined by…. and as he mentions within, this is not a slight on others’ content – but more a recognition of his true voice coming through finally, after years of honing his skills. It’s great to see and much respect to him…

Take some time and elevate your mind a little….


Jack Flash & Wizard – Progression [ALBUM SNIPPETS]

Snippets from Jack Flash’s forthcoming album ‘Progression’. Out 30 Jan 2012.


Lunar C and Jack Flash – CALL IT – produced by Wizard
Video by Paul Cockcroft

Not much needs to be said… more ish from Flash & Wizards forthcoming album. Dope, Dope, Dope! Beat is heavy and as usual these two come correct, sick lyrics! Look out for more soon, this album is going to be off the hook!

Huddersfield – Bradford tip, It’s Grim Up North!
Twitters: @JackflashUK @LunarfuckingC @wizardbeats


UK rapper and End Of The Weak World Champion, Jack Flash, has today released his latest project, The Sound Of Colours EP.

“I named this project “The Sound Of Colours” because in a nutshell I see an overwhelming colour somewhere in my mind whenever I hear any music. So if that is the colour of sound, then this is the Sound Of Colours. This is my latest material and is a precursor to a new album I am working on now. These tracks are some of my favourite I’ve ever made. I try to supply a cross section of mood and feeling when I put together a project as well as open up content so the songs aren’t all about the same subject and I have covered that here. I kept the bulk of the project free so anyone and everyone can share this. The idea is let you take this and do what you want with it and if you like the sound of the other tracks and or you want to support me then there are 5 tracks which you can also buy for a dirt cheap price. I can assure you every sale means something! I sincerely hope you enjoy, beginning to end, and hit me up at my facebook with feedback and questions. Peace”

Tracks 1-9 are FREE, with the final 5 bonus tracks purchasable for just £3.95. That’s 14 tracks for £3.95! Go cop it to help support his next project. Review to follow..

Sound of Colours EP