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#WY – Flame Griller debut album, Flame Gorillas video, We Don’t Do S**t Hip-Hop Vol.8

Today is Yorkshire Day! So here’s some fresh music outta Yorkshire for y’all.


Flame Griller

First up West Yorkshire’s Flame Griller have today released their debut album – and it’s currently #2 in the Bandcamp chart!

Here’s the launch video ‘Flame Gorillas’

Video shot by Paul Cockcroft


Here’s what DJ Format had to say about it:

Please take the time to check this great album by Flame Griller that is released today! I’m happy to say that nearly all of my personal favourite songs from their album are featured amongst the 7 you can choose to hear on the page below.
Flame Griller are from Yorkshire and talk about life & Hip Hop in an intelligent & thoughtful way whilst resisting the typical London sound that so many other UK Hip Hop artists seem to gravitate towards, regardless of their origins!

This is an album I highly recommend and it’s not often I’m moved by a Hip Hop album enough to write about it.
It might not be the typical type of Hip Hop sound that you would expect me to be shouting about as it’s not really Brag-Raps over Boom-Bap Hip Hop beats, it’s more mellow jazz-influenced beats that perfectly compliment the mood & subject matter of the rhymes. There’s no tough-guy nonsense, just 3 strong MC’s talking about life in a way I can actually relate to.

Please remember.. if you like what you hear, it’s important that you put your hand in your pocket and support good music. Otherwise all that we’ll be left with is the major record label funded pop-rap shyte!

You can buy the album HERE. Did we mention it’s only £4!?

We Don’t Do S**t Hip-Hop” Vol.8

Also..the next Volume of the FREE “We Don’t Do S**t Hip-Hop” series is out today!

You can download it, for FREE, HERE.

Happy Yorkshire Day!