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Jack Flash x TED talks

Our long time friend and associate Jack Flash (former EOW world champ, etc etc) was recently asked by TED to host a talk. You will probably be aware of the wide ranging, educational and entertaining talks hosted around the world by TED (find out more here).

Here Flash chose to base his talk on his lyrics and how the audience and himself relate, using the format of reading and then dissecting each lyric in turn.  An intriguing idea that I have seen few similar examples of, but really like the format.

The main basis is seemingly how he has matured as an artist, how he learnt to overcome his fears and really begin to create much more personal lyrics without the facile, cliche content much of the genre is defined by…. and as he mentions within, this is not a slight on others’ content – but more a recognition of his true voice coming through finally, after years of honing his skills. It’s great to see and much respect to him…

Take some time and elevate your mind a little….

Hyper-real Lips

Here are some amazing examples of hyper-realistic paintings by Hubert de Lartigue, though I am not strictly a fan of this type of art, you cannot deny that they are astounding pieces!

See more of his staggering work here.

First seen here.

Lavazza – White Paper City

Coffee makers Lavazza have commissioned a beautiful intricate animation using cut paper.

One day in the White Paper city, early morning people wake up and begin to live their lifes.
There’s something new in the main square, something growing…

Lavazza a modo mio

The making of video.

Production, Direction, Animation: Dadomani studio
Director of photography: Patrizio Saccò
Music & Sound design: Andrea Ponzano for Taboo Studio
Agency: Armando Testa Torino
Creative Director: Andrea Lantelme

I love the style of the buildings and the attention to detail, in creating the section of city. Really nice work.

Excellent mural

Click to view full size.

A 20ftx50t mural hanging in Minneapolis MN, USA. It depicts a historical overview of workers cooperatives.

Designed By Luther Lyons Hill IV
Produced by Studio 253 Finishes and Benjamin Bayne

I love this piece, I think the colour palette really works well and executed in a brilliant style; a nice contemporary, illustrative twist on the classic workers mural.

Doodling Commuter

Our man Matt Glasby has a new blog of his daily travel illustrations, go check it out, click on each numbered picture to view the daily gallery. Skulls, typo and deformities… nice.



Hot off the presses, friend of Dirt Cheap and frontman for Extra Curricular, Jack Flash’s new joint…

Jack Flash – Stars
Video by Pajama Jama

please watch and then share. More Flash here: http://jackflashuk.co.uk/

Matt Lack

Cyber Spyder

Dirty Acid

Resistance Squadron