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Jack Flash x TED talks

Our long time friend and associate Jack Flash (former EOW world champ, etc etc) was recently asked by TED to host a talk. You will probably be aware of the wide ranging, educational and entertaining talks hosted around the world by TED (find out more here).

Here Flash chose to base his talk on his lyrics and how the audience and himself relate, using the format of reading and then dissecting each lyric in turn.  An intriguing idea that I have seen few similar examples of, but really like the format.

The main basis is seemingly how he has matured as an artist, how he learnt to overcome his fears and really begin to create much more personal lyrics without the facile, cliche content much of the genre is defined by…. and as he mentions within, this is not a slight on others’ content – but more a recognition of his true voice coming through finally, after years of honing his skills. It’s great to see and much respect to him…

Take some time and elevate your mind a little….

Let it Burn

Our friends Mr Shiraz have dropped a new video from their upcoming new album. No stranger to inventive and mental videos (See here), this one is no exception, a decidedly lo-fi animation that features a giant monster and lazer beams shot from the bands instruments and crotches – what’s not to like?!

Directed by Paul Royston
Animation by John Feather

More Shiraz goodness here.


Before The Sun Sets – EP review

EP Artwork by KNOWNAIM.

‘Before the sun sets’ is the brand new EP from Stefan Melbourne, you may remember us posting a little piece on him earlier, which you can see here.


At Dirt Cheap we usually seem to align ourselves to the Hip Hop/Electronic genres, however we can appreciate other genres too (honest!). I know little of the indie/acoustic/folk scenes however I will endeavour to describe and review the EP as best I can!

Even though this is not our usual thing, the EP has been on repeat in our office since we had it delivered last week! The four tracks work really well together and are definitely stylistically quite strong and distinctive. The sound is to me quite melancholic, though maybe that is the wrong word… possibly nostalgic is a better fit, Stefan’s lyrics make quite vivid pictures in my mind, almost cinematic in a way, and I would definitely say listening to the songs I can imagine them as the soundtrack to the penultimate scene in a movie.

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Little snack?

Brilliant tiny Fimo sculptures, by Shay Aaron – good enough to eat!

The level of detail is insane, check out the bottom photo and think of the scale!

See more of his work on his Facebook page here.

Originally seen here.

Keepin’ It Dope

Our friends Keepin’ It Dope have just dropped their first collection. Each piece is very limited so grab them while you can!

Designed and professionally Screen Printed in West Yorkshire using only the highest quality Inks and Garments.
All Clothing Items are limited edition and only 30 will be produced per design.

All Clothing items come complete with Keepin’ It Dope logo swing tag with the name of the Print and numbered /30 on the reverse and come presented in a clear bag sealed with sticker.

Check out their full range, and order garms at their website here.
Like them on Facebook for updates, here.

Being an Art student is better than being a student of… Mathematics.

Stussy x David Shrigley

A video of one of my favourite artists David Shrigley, in his studio talking about his craft, made to coincide with the recent collaboration between the two.

Happy Pancake Day!

Last year some of Dirt Cheap’s friends went over the top and made 60 pancakes.

They made a video of themselves. Watch it. it’s good.

Enjoy your pancakes!

White, No Sugar

This is unusual…

ohiseeRED created this cool portrait using the technique of lifting a cup from a coffee filled saucer and printing the rings, in varying strengths of coffee. The piece was inspired by the opening lyrics of the song ‘Secret/不能说的秘密’ by Jay Chou.

See more of her work here.

Modern Fairytale Club .2

Good friends of Dirt Cheap Mag have just dropped a new series of dope T Shirts which you can cop on the ASOS Marketplace here.

Well worth the small price tag, and like the first series they probably wont be around for long!

Models: Nadia Amini & Kyle Jones
Shoot: Tom Senior
Fluffer: Slugger O.T.