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Let it Burn

Our friends Mr Shiraz have dropped a new video from their upcoming new album. No stranger to inventive and mental videos (See here), this one is no exception, a decidedly lo-fi animation that features a giant monster and lazer beams shot from the bands instruments and crotches – what’s not to like?!

Directed by Paul Royston
Animation by John Feather

More Shiraz goodness here.



Packaging Porn

More lovely packaging, all collected from around the web by friend of Dirt Cheap, Helene Vetik. Check out her full Pinterest here.

Yun-Woo Choi

Impressive, dominating and beautiful sculptural forms rise from the floor or hang, motionless in midair.

Just another day

Yun-Woo Choi works with recycled magazines and papers to create this large scale and quite beautiful pieces, halfway between architectural and biological in appearance.

Just another day

Viewed as a whole there is something cell like, under the microscope; whilst larger portions could be sprawling, coloured metropolises from some distant future.




You can see more of his work here.

First seen here.

Eric Haacht

David Cameron

James murdoch



Into hell

Obama and Michelle

Eric Haacht’s work is dark, disturbing and dream (or nightmare) like – Dirt Cheap loves it. The expressive portraits where facial features swirl in a frantic dance atop fairly conventional shoulders definitely remind me of the way faces can appear in dreams, I am reminded of Michel Gondry’s ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

Haacht has a new website of work, you can view here.

His Facebook is here.





Josef Koudelka

See the full set with info on Josef Koudelka here.

Blu – New Mural

Ace new mural done by Blu in Ordes, Spain, for the DesordesCreativas festival.

Paul Borchers

Nice submission from London based Illustrator Paul Borchers.




Check his online portfolio here.

Dirt Cheap T Shirts!

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