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Random Acts – Zebra Face

Random Acts have been showcasing a series of shorts on Channel 4 recently, there has been some really cool stuff shown already and the mix has been eclectic to say the least.

We were really happy to see that friend of Dirt Cheap Kid Acne has dropped an animated version of his infamous Zebra Face character from zines way back in the day!

Other artists include Dirt Cheap favorite David Shrigley & Emma Lazenby.


Voices lent by none other than Jarvis Cocker, Farma G and Chester P!

View the full episode ‘Zebra Face – Rumble in the Tumbles’ here.
View Accers website here. Check out the Twitter here.


Being an Art student is better than being a student of… Mathematics.

Stussy x David Shrigley

A video of one of my favourite artists David Shrigley, in his studio talking about his craft, made to coincide with the recent collaboration between the two.

David Shrigley giving temp tattoos at Frieze Art Fair last year. Nice.

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap

What the hell are you doing?

What the hell are you doing – David Shrigley


One of my favourite artists David Shrigley talks the truth about cutting arts funding in this comical animation.

This is serious, the governments cutting of funding to the arts could have a serious impact on the whole country and the economy let alone the damage it will do to the countries culture and the growth of new artists.

PLEASE sign this petition here to help save the arts in the UK, do it now before it’s too late.