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Jacopo Rosati – Fuzzy Felt Artworks

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Jacopo Rosati

Light calligraphy by Julien Bretdon

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Seen a few of these floating around but think they are worth a full post, awesome.

TAME IMPALA – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE video for Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’. Stop-frame animation made from over 1000 separate plasticine collages – MUST WATCH!

Matt Glasby Illustration

Here’s a selection of amazing new work from friend of Dirt Cheap, Matt Glasby.

Attack Attack
American heavy metal band AttackAttack needed some crazy tee designs for there new merchandise. These are what i came up with. A bit of a departure from my usual style of artwork but was quite fun none the less!

Illustrations for Placebo Merchandise.

Head over to his website for more!

Soviet-era scrapbook

“In Oct 2010 while on a research trip in Tajikistan I came across a curious scrapbook of Soviet-era graphics in a junk-shop in the capital city Dushanbe.

Within it were pages with collaged panels containing imagery ranging from depictions of cosmonauts, political figures, musical iconography and political illustrations in Constructivist and Suprematist styles.

In some cases panels were glued top of other images and sometimes with interesting juxtapositions – images of birds coupled with communist slogans and geometric forms.”

LOVE these! Lots more at mr prudence’s photostream here. First seen @CreativeReview.

fly in my 5oup

the creative network 5oup has just re-opened its doors after a couple of year layoff, be sure to sign up if your a creative or keep checking back for talent if your not!

Check me out here and register!

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