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Keep Helping Nepal

Thanks so much to all who have donated, shared and spread the word. The original print is now SOLD OUT – with ALL proceeds going to people on the ground in Nepal.

The terrible news that another quake has hit Nepal is another reason to continue to collect and give generously.

Remaining designs – PURCHASE HERE.

50% of proceeds from the remaining posters in my shop www.bigcartel.oliverlancaster.com will also be added to the total.

The very kind people at Phonehug.co.uk will also be donating £2 from every single and combo pack sale made during the month of May – They make super cool, secure, stretchable phone protection.

Phone Hug example.

So please, please, please get buying the prints or the Phone Hug; do something charitable AND get a useful product of piece of Art to hang.

Shares etc appreciated…



The “Amen break” is arguably the most important 6 seconds of music ever recorded.

More info in this clip created by Psychopab from UNKLE

There is now a ‘gofundme’ to give back some royalties to ‘The Winstons’ the band who created it.

You can donate here.

The drummer who played the beat died penniless…

If you’ve listened to Hip-Hop, Jungle, Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, Techno, EDM – Then you’ve heard it. Immensely important piece of music.


Soviet-era scrapbook

“In Oct 2010 while on a research trip in Tajikistan I came across a curious scrapbook of Soviet-era graphics in a junk-shop in the capital city Dushanbe.

Within it were pages with collaged panels containing imagery ranging from depictions of cosmonauts, political figures, musical iconography and political illustrations in Constructivist and Suprematist styles.

In some cases panels were glued top of other images and sometimes with interesting juxtapositions – images of birds coupled with communist slogans and geometric forms.”

LOVE these! Lots more at mr prudence’s photostream here. First seen @CreativeReview.