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Light calligraphy by Julien Bretdon

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Seen a few of these floating around but think they are worth a full post, awesome.



Mike Zubik and Julia Kuznetsova are the two artistic forces behind Shinobi, started in 2010 and based in Moscow, the company produces highquality artwork and clothing very much influenced by Chinese and Japanese culture. Their main clothing product is a line of Ninja inspired hoodies, which look dope! See them here.

Here is some of their beautiful artwork, focussed on flowing, expressive calligraphy and layered imagery.You can purchase their work here.
Find out more about them here, and on Facebook here.


Couple of handies in different styles I like, enjoy.

Horfee France.

Skuf one  Bushwick, USA.

Gorey 1. Paris, France. ‘Silly nice’

Gorey 2. Paris, France.

Earsnot 1 IRAK. NYC, USA.

Earsnot 2 IRAK. NYC, USA. ‘yes yes!’

Kad 1. ‘Philly tall print’ USA.

Kad 2. ‘Philly gangster or broadway elegant’ USA. ‘So ill’

More mixed Philly styles.

Sniper 1. Wasteds crew. Vienna, Austria. ‘Nice, not a nice soundtrack though!’

Sniper 2. Wasteds crew. Vienna, Austria.

Os Gemeos, Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Oker, KR, Chino, SP one etc… For KRINK INK.

Special bonus, ‘KRINK for her’. Excerpts from Complex magazine photo shoot.

Not for the handstyles but some nice mops…

Do em Dirty mop. ‘Good tune!’

Big Squeeze mop. ‘Sexy drips!’