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Paul Borchers

Nice submission from London based Illustrator Paul Borchers.




Check his online portfolio here.


This looks dope…

‘Scouting the empty hilltop listening station, going down into Berlin’s underground bunkers; we’re investigating the abandoned spaces that the Cold War left behind. We’re meeting old soldiers who are telling us stories of a city filled with thousands of spies and governmental agencies. We’re exploring underneath the mysterious white domes at Teufelsberg that used to listen across the Wall, going across the city to Tempelhof Airport to chase down rumors of other supposed spy stations. and heading down into the mythical bunkers of Berlin to see what’s left. We’re putting our boots on and climbing through the city’s spy labyrinths, into the buildings that housed the hidden world of military espionage.’

See the video here: http://www.palladiumboots.com/exploration/berlin

Mrs Eaves

You may already know of Gemma O’Brien aka Mrs Eaves from the clip below, but here’s a little bit more! Human typography…

8 hours of writing
5 permanent markers
3 baths and 2 showers to clean off

Part of a campaign to promote writing on designated graffiti spaces rather than someone elses property. Would you write all over your property?

Mrs Eaves at Typo Berlin.

I don’t understand this interview at all; from the event above.

From Typo Berlin 2009. Photography by Alexander Blumhoff.

Mulberry type.




Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Never Give a Pretty Girl a Hand Grenade.

Type Gun.

Go Font Urself exhibition.

Check out more of her typographic work at her blog here.

Which also features other peoples work, such as this excellent print by Peter Sunna.

Futura ‘Odyssey Two’ | Berlin 24-27 September

Street Peeps, London/Berlin




Photos by Derek