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Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada

2012 – ‘Yousif’
Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I took a trip to Argentina to be with my wife’s family to spread my father in law’s ashes near the Sierra de la Ventana (one of his favorite places). He was an impressive man who loved culture. I enjoyed the way he looked at the world and the way he transmitted to those around him wisdom, simplicity and hope with his gaze. This is a new direction of permanent murals that I’ll be doing more of in the near future.”
– Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

2012 – ‘Manolo’
Manama, Bahrain.

“I went to the city of Manama in Bahrain to make a mural as part of the Alwan 338 festival put together by the Al Riwaq Art Space. Knowing the current situation there, I was a little apprehensive but a good friend working with the gallery explained the special nature of what the Al Riwaq Art Space was doing. I met some truly extraordinary people who believe in the role of contemporary art in their country’s future. Against all odds they strive to change the barren artistic landscape that exists in Bahrain today. There are so many layers to the place. There is a huge class division, exotic cars, colossal images of the king everywhere, boundless hospitality, arrests, the smell of tear gas every weekend, road blocks, women who can drive and are free to dress as they wish, a graffiti war between dissidents and the police, an American naval base since 1947, Fuddruckers, Sizzlers, a clamp down on dissident areas, the legal sale of alcoholic beverages, a rich cultural history…
It is easy to resort to the didactic or aesthetically pleasing image, but it is much more difficult to create poetic and emotionaly charged art that can reach you at different levels. There are few Bahraini artists creating profound work about this multilayered place and time. Al Riwaq Art Space is trying to change that and I have nothing but admiration for their efforts. My Identity Series murals fade away with the wind and rain. I decided to create a mural of a traditional Bahraini fisherman, one of a few hundred that are left.”
– Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada

2010 – ‘Aurelio’
Monterrey, Mexico

Mural created in 2010 for the Seres Queridos Project in Monterrey Mexico in collaboration with the Marco Museum, Nobulo and Arto.

More awesome work in awesome locations at his website here.


Antonio Ladrillo

Ladrillo is a Barcelona based graphic artist who’s minimal, playful and sweet style I find very optimistic and refreshing! Check out his website!

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap


Really digging the Argentina born and Barcelona based street artist Zosen. This guy goes way beyond graffitti into all areas of art even the odd performance piece! But his work is always full of colour, fun and humour with a rad political backbone. Check out his website to see loads of his projects and even a clothing line he has collaborated on with fashion designer Claudia Font. Some really great interviews with him for any Spanish speakers out there! Enjoy his awesomeness.

-Raquel, Dirt Cheap

James Lomas

Wicked-awesome photographer James Lomas has a new website and blog. Check it out for grimey, thug life photos… ya hear!

Photos from Barcelona post on his blog. I chose these because mostly I just took photos of the doorways when I went to Barca, they look ace!
Website here, Blog here.



Bom-k . Dran . Sowat

Opening Thursday September 9th from 7.30 till 10 pm
RAS Gallery Barcelona . Carrer Doctor Dou 10

Like everything else that’s good in life, Graffiti kills. It’s the gas in the spray cans, the chemicals in the inks, the sleepless nights spent obsessing about new ideas and days wasted wandering the train tracks…

Working together for the first time in a Catalonian gallery, French graffiti writers Bomk, Dran and Sowat of the Da Mental Vaporz crew, are willing to share their last will with Europe’s Street Art Mecca. Hopefully, the show will be filled with their usual hyper realistic sexual beasts, disillusioned children’s’ drawings, vandalized sketches, dripping calligraphies, crossed out black and white pictures and whatever else they may have in store for us.

Goodfellas Magazine

The people over at Barcelona’s ‘Goodfellas Magazine’ have kindly given you lucky lucky readers a sneak peak at issue 2!

The issue, which is not going to be in shops until June 2010, will have 72 pages written in English and Spanish, and will feature the following sections: Barcelona skills (Trains from Barcelona), Letters from South America (Report about the south american trip of Rocky Tsk, Vista Royals, and Biz Hco), Foreign steel (Trains from out of Barcelona), Walls (Barcelona walls and some international ones), Royals in action (photographic report of 2 actions with this crew on Valencia subway), Street Fighters (Barcelona bombing), New York streets (some NYC bombing), Subway target: Paris (Spanish action on France’s capital subway) & Under the city (Barcelona subways and other international systems).

Goodfellas is one of the few magazines still representing with the hardcore flicks! Fully packed with steel, bombing & street action! It’s all in there …straight outta Europe! All in all it’s gonna be packed with action, Stay tuned for the mag, in the mean time check out the preview here.


For more Goodfellas info etc check out there MySpace here.

Props to All City Blog for hosting the PDF, check out their blog here.




Sitges, Barcelona.

Click images for full size.

Barcelona 09

just put some pics up from the last few days in barca, check them out here