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Adrian McPhee – “Can’t Give You Up”

Animated lyric video for Adrian McPhee’s debut single “Can’t Give You Up”.

Adrian McPhee
Sholto Smith

TAME IMPALA – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE video for Tame Impala’s ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’. Stop-frame animation made from over 1000 separate plasticine collages – MUST WATCH!

Let it Burn

Our friends Mr Shiraz have dropped a new video from their upcoming new album. No stranger to inventive and mental videos (See here), this one is no exception, a decidedly lo-fi animation that features a giant monster and lazer beams shot from the bands instruments and crotches – what’s not to like?!

Directed by Paul Royston
Animation by John Feather

More Shiraz goodness here.


Lovely little animation here…

Final year short animation done at Stockport College.
The idea for the short came about from reading stories told by the Native Americans about death and the afterlife.

By Tom Mathieson, more work here.

Random Acts – Zebra Face

Random Acts have been showcasing a series of shorts on Channel 4 recently, there has been some really cool stuff shown already and the mix has been eclectic to say the least.

We were really happy to see that friend of Dirt Cheap Kid Acne has dropped an animated version of his infamous Zebra Face character from zines way back in the day!

Other artists include Dirt Cheap favorite David Shrigley & Emma Lazenby.


Voices lent by none other than Jarvis Cocker, Farma G and Chester P!

View the full episode ‘Zebra Face – Rumble in the Tumbles’ here.
View Accers website here. Check out the Twitter here.


Nice bit of Stop-Motion by Neta Cohen, best viewed full-screen here.

Verbal Contact ft. Left Leberra – Get Stoned

New tune from Leeds’ Verbal Contact, with another cool video from the creators of EL PATRON, Will Child and Sam Aminzadeh.


Olympic Vermin


The alternative Olympic torch relay taking place in London this week.

A short film by Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle.

Amael Isnard
Leo Bridle Films

Sound Design and Music by Aaron Lampert

Aaron Lampert

Made at Beakus


Cool little Olympics related piece! Best viewed on Vimeo here.

fourScreen – James Lashmar

Throughout my time at University, I have continued to learn motion, animation and 3D design amongst other things. I also have a very keen interest in music and I love exploring the link between sound and visuals. When writing my dissertation, I explored the history of music video and discussed the idea of it becoming a ‘hot media’. I also explored the idea of holism within music. Holism is the theory that a whole, is greater than the sum of all its parts. My reading of Deleuze emphasises contingent holism and suggests that Deleuzian multiplicity should be seen micro-holisticaly. That is to say, music contains multiple instances of holism in the form of genres, with each genre having different conditions around its own emergence and also possible sub genres. FourScreen is my final project – an installation exploring holism with music providing a visual interactive experience.code


EL PATRON – The Pablo Escobar Story



Pablo Escobar was the world’s most notorious drug trafficker, amassing a reported fortune of $26 billion. This film follows the bloody route his cocaine took from South America into the USA.

This film was part of a multimedia graphic design project, with a book also produced. For more info please do not hesitate to contact me at william.child@hotmail.com.

Created and produced by William Child
Animation and direction by William Child and Sam Aminzadeh
Character voices and narration by Kevin Parr

Twitter: @williamjchild


Copyright William Child 2012


Awesome little handmade animation piece, watch!