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Guy Laramee

If you are not familiar with the amazing work of Guy Laramee, why not!? Guy carves natural looking forms such as hills, cliffs, volcanoes and mountains out of old books. We have featured a few bits of his work before, but there’s plenty of new ones here!

See more at his website.


BEAUTIFUL photos of Earth from Space

😮 🙂

Woweeeee….Nicked from Fubiz.

Sagaki Keita

Absolutely incredible work by Japanese artist, Sagaki Keita, whose pen and ink drawings are made up by thousands of hand drawn characters. Click images for larger view and see more at his website here.

First seen @ Colossal.

Gou Miyagi-crazy skateboarder

just seen a mate post this on facebook and found a few more vids. Amazing. This dude is def pushing the boundries of conventional skateboarding. I have seen inventive skaters before but Gou Miyagi is by far the most insane.Although some of it seems pointless a lot of it blows the mind. I see similarities with the street art movement of the early 2000s in the way that in some cases a destination is picked and the art is created around that.


Hsin-Yao Tseng

Wow, absolutely love these. More at his website here.

A round-up of 2011… In pictures

Check out some of the most incredible images taken in 2011, including the London Riots, the Occupy demonstrations and 9/11 tributes. See them here.
– Alicja

A few paper-cut animations