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Must See TV

Boardwalk Empire

Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire premiered on Sunday, for those who haven’t seen it, we strongly suggest you take a look! Possibly a little more difficult to get into than your usual trash TV (Good in my opinion) watch it from the start, worth it if only for episode 1 – directed by Martin Scorsese, and enjoy the glorious, epic story.

Sumptuous costume and sets really immerses you in the 1920’s, the era of prohibition; the level of detail is simply stunning. The story focuses on Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson (Steve Buschemi) and his struggle to maintain his power over Atlantic City. The cast is large (and talented) and story-lines many, with back stories to each character helping to build an authentic and realistic vision of the time and narrative.

I really cannot recommend it enough, one of the best TV programs of recent times. Hats off to HBO, again.

Watch Boardwalk Empire in the UK on Sky Atlantic, Saturday September 29th at 9pm.

More info here.


The Thick of It

Not to be outdone by our cousins over the Atlantic, this month also saw the premiere of season 4 of  The Thick of It, a satirical comedy based on the UK’s political parties and those in power (of course none of the characters are based on real people… hmm).

Created by Armando Ianucci (above) one of the people behind some of the best comedy on TV in recent years (Seriously, almost every good bit of comedy to come about has had him behind the scenes!), it examines both the party in power and the opposition, the main draw to the program has got to be Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) the Labour Spin Doctor, and his foul mouthed rants which are hilarious. The program is not only funny, witty and entertaining – it also goes a long way into looking at the state of the nation and how it is governed, exposing some of the ridiculous situations that can arise; I think it’s examination of the relationship between the press and government is particularly interesting and probably quite accurate.

Watch The Thick of It on BBC Two, Saturdays 9:45pm.

More info here.


Check out this story, Fact is stranger than fiction – Hilarious.

Alistair Campbell & Malcolm Tucker’s Swear-athon accidentally broadcast in creche.

Film & TV niceness

Channel 4 Paralympics – Meet the Superhumans Advert

Great new Ad for the Paralympic Games from Channel 4.

EL PATRON – The Pablo Escobar Story



Pablo Escobar was the world’s most notorious drug trafficker, amassing a reported fortune of $26 billion. This film follows the bloody route his cocaine took from South America into the USA.

This film was part of a multimedia graphic design project, with a book also produced. For more info please do not hesitate to contact me at

Created and produced by William Child
Animation and direction by William Child and Sam Aminzadeh
Character voices and narration by Kevin Parr

Twitter: @williamjchild

Copyright William Child 2012


Awesome little handmade animation piece, watch!

Savvy – While The Water Falls Ft. Tape The Radio

We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, here’s the seriously dope new track and vid from Savvy, ‘While The Water Falls’. A moody, jazzy, stomper! Taken from Play To Win Vol.3 CD – which will be downloadable EP featuring remixes from Mr Robinson, Bambooman & Mr Inky available for pre-order on the 3rd or July and out on the 23rd.

We’ve been hitting re-wind all afternoon, check it out/share it!

Starring: Steven Mitchell & Olivia Sweeney
Video production: Chris Nunn & Cyrus Dennis

Tape The Radio
Chris Nunn
Cyrus Dennis

Check out DIY for more info on getting hold of the track.


Dope new track from the Shedmen! Straight outta the Hudd, it’s good to see the terrible trio back on it! Obviously Addverse and Imranimal come correct with the flowing rhymes, all garnished with some choice cuts by DJ Illas, all in all I love the Shedmen’s cheeky, slapstick style. Great video too, simple but looking really fly – the location was a good choice.

This track is taken from Sinoptic Music’s  “We Don’t Do S**t Hip-Hop” Vol 7 which we have mentioned before. You can cop it right now, right here.

Shedmen – And What

Video shot by Paul Cockcroft, artwork by @Bellisful. Written by @bAddverse & @ImranimalWrites produced by @DJ_Illas.

All footage shot at Hyde Park Picturehouse – Leeds

Maurice Sendak

We are very sad to hear the news American writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, passed away today (Tuesday May 8 2012), aged 83.

Sendak is best known for his acclaimed children’s book ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, among other works.

Considered one of the most influential illustrators of the 20th century, Sendak’s highly original and hauntingly beautiful imagery is imprinted in the mind of mine and many other children of the 1960’s and onwards.

Here’s a rare interview with Mr Sendak, by TATE.

The film adaptation of ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, which Sendak helped produce, was released in 2009 to critical acclaim.

Coupled with the news of the passing of Adam Yauch (MCA of The Beastie Boys) on Friday, we have lost two of our absolute biggest (admittedly very different!) influences in a matter of days.

Both leave behind timeless work in their medium.

Jack Flash Ft. Thabo – Midnight Runaway Train

Jack Flash & Wizard – Midnight Runaway Train feat Thabo OFFICIAL VIDEO

New video from our boy Jack Flash with Thabo! Production by Wizard. Video produced by our pals at BishBash Media. Check it out! Features a tiny cameo by one of our writers! haha

Shot and Cut by Siy Bishop for BishBash Media. Concept by Siy Bishop for BishBash Media. @bishbashmedia

Instancevx – Favourite Mistake

New video from Leeds MC Instance’s latest album, The Superegular.
Download The Superegular here.


You’ve probably seen it as its been doing the rounds, but if not, watch it!