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DJ DSK/ MYSTRO- I know you got soul (heaven) NSFW version

Brand new tune from DJ DSK & Mystro, banger! quite chilled out for a mystro tune too! Featuring none other than sunderlands hottest export, Ellis Cooper. on a subject that is close to my heart…

DJ DSK & Mystro – I Know You Got Sole (Heaven) – UNCENSORED EDIT from Sole Heaven on Vimeo.

Skate Bush

another skate related post

knicked from skate bush tumblr

Gou Miyagi-crazy skateboarder

just seen a mate post this on facebook and found a few more vids. Amazing. This dude is def pushing the boundries of conventional skateboarding. I have seen inventive skaters before but Gou Miyagi is by far the most insane.Although some of it seems pointless a lot of it blows the mind. I see similarities with the street art movement of the early 2000s in the way that in some cases a destination is picked and the art is created around that.


Reggie Watts


If you don’t know, get to know!

Graffiti-fun or dumb? (1976)

Something good about youtube is that things like this can be archived and shared to a new audience, amazing!

Adidas City Series

Uploaded from the Photobucket iPhone App

Last week I completed a project I have been working on and off on for over a year, the idea first came to me in Jan of 2011 when the christmas break was over and there was a rare bit of time to chill, I wanted to work on a personal project.
I have been collecting vintage adidas trainers for the best part of 8 years (although I have now sold the majority of my collection) and accumulated thousands of photos in archives during those years. The inspiration for me to start collecting was actually adidas’s City series which has been growing since the late 70’s.

So I decided to take on the mammoth task of trying to record all the cities series trainers I could in visual format, almost like a check list for collectors. And so it began!

about a week later work got busy again and I put the project on the back burner until about three weeks ago when i rediscovered it, I decided I was going to finish it whatever it took (even when I should have been working on other paid projects!) Gotta thank my fiance Keziah for helping me put the trainers in a proper grid too! it really put the icing on the cake!

Thankfully it seems my work paid off as the print has been very well received by the trainer collecting community, I do however have to apologise as since I printed it I have noticed a few trainers that I had drawn but didn’t put on due to reformatting/laying it out about 3 or 4 times. This includes the Adidas Koln, Saratoga and original San Fran to name a few!

If you like the print and are interested in purchasing one, please give me a shout on


He might look like a serial killer who stares at shoes in the photo but I assure you he isn’t, in fact he is a living legend who has done a lot in the trainer subculture including been a founding member of crooked tongues and releasing one of the most insightful sneaker collectors books ever.

He has been nothing but good to me over the years, including sorting this little treat and getting me involved with my favorite client, Addict Clothing co he has just been interviewed over at eatmoreshoes and its a great insight into modern footwear design!

check his blog too!


just rediscovered Helmut Smits, love his work, in particulare the pieces below!

Title: Photo Tip
Year: 2004
Materials: wood, print, sandbags, chair
Dimensions: L 450 cm W 244 cm H 220 cm

Title: Quarter Pipe
Year: 2005
Materials: wood, mirror, vinyl
Dimensions: L 250 cm B 190 cm H 160 cm
Photo by Rick Messemak

Title: The Real Thing
Year: 2006
Dimensions: L 400 cm W 250 cm H 200 cm
An installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water.
Photo by Rick Messemaker

Title: Full Colour
Year: 2008
Materials: CMYK soft drinks (Cyan – Gatorade Cool Blue / Magenta – Fernandes Cherry Bouquet /
Yellow – Orangeade / Black – Coca-Cola), jerrycans, socle, cup dispenser
Dimensions: L 45 cm W 95 cm H 140 cm
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg and FW

Title: Repairing
Year: 2009
A broken window repaired with the leaded glass technique.
Normally a leaded window is designed, in this case the design arised by chance.
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg

Skirting Board Sunset
Year: 2008
Materials: perspex, led lighting
Dimensions: L 10 cm W 75 cm H 38 cm
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg

Title: I Love New Work
Year: 2007
Materials: two color (red & black) silkscreen t-shirt

I could go on all day!
edition 100 (Male & Female fit American Apparel white t-shirts: S, M & L)


Didn’t realise until now but this stuff probably got my creative juices flowing from a very young age! This is all i used to watch in the mid-late 80s!

here are 2 of my faves

BR wax

One of my favorite blogs #NSFW