Alfie Kungu

Loving the work of painter Alfie Kungu, check it out…

10872147_1023412201018677_1147381547_n 10934484_1024074897619074_1860763696_n 10941273_1023412177685346_2137632600_n 10941285_1024074544285776_1012639441_n 10941307_1024075094285721_993453900_n 10945158_1024075570952340_1270076594_n 10945369_1024074660952431_1756403927_n (1) 10947846_1024074674285763_852865644_n 10947849_1023412191018678_2003801079_n 10949972_1023411141018783_699571814_n 10952339_1023412204352010_2072663416_n 10964906_1029729417053622_2017103050_o 10964915_1029729583720272_383172108_o 10964964_1029729467053617_1052450912_o 10969432_1029730287053535_72884611_o

Some of these pieces were created in collaboration with Elvin Jamil Sanders for a show called ‘Miss’ at Spike Island,  Bristol.


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