Highest Frequency – Listening Party

New project from our friends over at Saving Grace Music this project sees local and international musicians collaborating in an exciting way.

First off is the release: spanning genres, BPMs and the globe. A heady mix of electronic and organic beats that refuses to be pigeon-holed and in fact glories in the collaborative mix of musicians featured, sit back and prepare for a journey through the electronic beatscape…

Secondly, the so dubbed ‘Listening Party’ which will see musicians from the project performing live in an intimate venue in Huddersfield, all skilled musicians and avid technicians of their craft, surely not to be missed.

Lots of information below on both the release and the event, Check it…


Artwork by Benaiah Matheson, Max Du Bois & Liam Canning.


Highest Frequency is a selection of electronic music from established
independent + up and coming artists who possess undeniable musical
gifts. This project was born from a desire to stand as a platform for
their music, and is dedicated to all creative people everywhere.

Though the years Saving Grace Music have expanded beyond our roots in
Hip Hop/Neo Soul, and this album branches out even further afield.
Highest Frequency is a sonic journey into the continuum of electronic
beat music. This is a global record, influenced by global sounds;
Instrumental Hip Hop, IDM, Garage, Jungle and Dub. The producers
showcased on the compendium hail from Huddersfield, Leeds, Sheffield,
Birmingham and Bristol in the UK as well as Germany, Spain, the US and

Past digital compositions have informed its creation, and a desire to
inspire the future unfolding musical expression of consciousness will be
its legacy.The compendium traverses a diverse audial world of different
BPM’s and textures, yet each track is united by the underlying threads
of beats and bass.

From the ethereal head nodding Hip-Hop beats of “Star Cloud” by Aye
Pee to the straight-up dancefloor skanker “Combination Dub” by The
Conquerors. The introspective IDM depths of “Elements” by Aurakill
are juxtaposed smoothly with the fierce bass heavy riddim of “To Look
Back In Anger” by Surreal.Heavy beats and bass are combined with
harmonic emotional melodies, integrated with a profusion of production
hardware and live instruments. Every track speaks for itself,
communicating through unique vibrations that transcend the labels of
genre. The soulful is united with the digital, the organic with the
electronic. This compendium has been crafted by artists whose love for
what they do is as loud as the beats themselves. Highest Frequency
resonates in a realm of phenomenal artistry that lies beyond the sum of
it’s parts.

This project was born out of love for electronic music and the passion
of the producers is audible. We hope you enjoy listening, thank you for
resonating with us.

You can listen to the whole album by clicking this link.




https://savinggracemusic.bandcamp.com/album/highest-frequency [3]



Highest Frequency, by Saving Grace Music



Performances on the night by:

ABAX (mixed vinyl)
Abax has been digging in the crates to bring us this very special vinyl set from his extensive collection.

AYEPEE (and the motherfunkship)
Veteran UK Hip-Hop producer AyePee on the one’s and two’s, bringing the funk, the whole funk and nothing but the funk!

THE CONQUERORS (roots/steppas/dub + live brass/fx)
DJ’s Ondis & Zugg~Ting at the controls dropping nothing but tuff riddims, with Lokrian and Ras Abe blessing the beats with live trumpet and saxaphone.

DIRTY LITTLE FUNKER (drum ‘n’ bass madness)
D ‘n’ B in all flavours, DLF brings the pressure with an astonishing set to blow your minds and move your bodies.

LOKRIAN (4×4 centric bass music with live instrumentals and echo)
Bass music wunderkind Lokrian delivering the vibes, accompanied by his live instrument performance.


for more info visit the event page here.



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