Steve of Thrones – Short Story

SoT Title Fin

A new short story being launched exclusively on Dirt Cheap:

Steve was just an ordinary man from a small Yorkshire town called Thrones. He led a fairly quiet life, when he wasn’t working as an electrician he was down the pub ignoring his wife. But little did he know, his world was about to be turned upside down.

A chance collision with a mysterious stranger on horseback somehow transported him as far from home as he’d ever been. Previously that had only been as far as Birmingham, which he didn’t like because everyone spoke funny and the food was weird. Now he’s having to deal with a lot more than just Brummies, as he finds himself adjusting to life in a far away realm, full of ancient warring families, deception and tits. A world where there is a little bit of magic, but when people encounter it they think it’s really weird; where everyone has normal names but they’re spelt a bit differently; where your favourite people are always dying – the land of Testosteros.

Steve must navigate his way through this new foreign environment, and utilise his base cunning and knowledge of electrical wiring to survive the inevitable onslaught of war. It’s time for Steve of Thrones to find a way to escape this bloody nonsense and get home in time for tea with his wife’s parents.

Part one coming later this week.


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