Marilyn Myller – Animation

Okay so you may have already seen this doing the rounds, if not you’re in for a treat. Visually stunning stop motion animation made using foam models by Mikey Please (and a small but dedicated crew).


It’s not hard to see how the short has already picked up a series of prestigious awards from around the globe, the attention to detail, scope and actualisation are all stunning. It is certainly one of the most breath-taking, jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring pieces I have seen in a long while. Below you can watch the acclaimed short, read on to view some of the behind the scenes videos which show the immense amount of work which goes on behind the scenes.

Marilyn Myller


Lighting effects.

Another of Please’s excellent works is The Eagleman Stag, which examines time, view it below.

THE EAGLEMAN STAG from Mikey Please on Vimeo.

Behind the scenes.

You can find out more about this short, including full crew credits and view more of Mikey’s work here.



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