Dead Rebel Team


Submission from new Leeds based group ‘Dead Rebel Team’.

The Dead Rebel Team is a group of like-minded individuals that drive each other to achieve all they can and want to be. Equipped with a positive attitude and a unique outlook on life, they strive to entertain the masses with their music and videos through various social networking sites and live performances around the UK.

The majority of the team met in Sunderland within the North-East of England, then finally meeting the other members on their path through Leeds University, in which they all furthered their interest in music. The band are now purely based in Leeds and are looking to gain a local fan base before venturing off into the wide world. By bringing their own experiences, varied backgrounds and musical abilities not only do the members work as individuals but as a creative team.

The team members push themselves to the limit and enjoy the challenge of enhancing their skills to achieve a greater product every time. They are all passionate about learning and believe knowledge and positive thought to be the key to good work. With their aims and goals in mind the team members have constructed a first Mix-tape titled ‘Volume 1.’ It consists of 14 tracks all written, produced, recorded and mastered by the team in their home studios. With the second mix-tape in progress the team are full of inspiration and bursting with energy ready to attack the scene with their own interpretation of the music that motivates them being anywhere from the backgrounds of Orchestral to Urban Hip-Hop and Heavy Rock and Metal.

The group consists of 6 members:
Eme Narc : Rapper/Singer, Producer
MattWood : Rapper, Producer
Frawdulant : Rapper
Mr Coca : DJ, Producer
A.M.T : Producer
Banner : Video Director

Dead Rebel Team are scheduled for a promotional launch @ Leeds’s own The Rock Bar on the 28th of June 2013. We’ll take a look and follow up with a review, but in the meantime you can check out their first mix-tape and find out more at the below links:


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