EJECTO’S CLOTHING SS/13 – ‘City Rockers’


Today sees the drop of the brand new Ejecto’s Clothing Spring/Summer 2013 ‘City Rockers’ range – and it’s looking real dope!

Inspired by the music, lyrics, energy and rebellion of ‘The Clash’ and the legend Joe Strummer. As a young rebel growing up in the 80’s and 90’s in Great Britain (missing the golden era of punk by a big leap),  I was beginning to listen to a lot of ‘The Clash’. The lyrics, rebellion and social commentary within these songs sparked some serious thoughts in my demon infested skull.

Songs and lyrics of a once great island now gone to the dogs and the greedy corporations taking us all for mugs…the lyrics and power of ‘The Clash’ took over me. I was listening to ‘The Clash’ when I put up my first spray paint tag on a wall to tell society here I am…”This is Joe Public speaking”. With my cassette tape walkman and spray can in hand I set out on a path of my own rebellion. Punk rock. Joe Strummer and ‘The Clash’ inspired me to go out and say my name, this Ejecto’s City Rockers design is a homage to the inspiration ‘The Clash’ gave me…in my own lil Ejecto way.
I had the pleasure of meeting Joe backstage at a Mescaleros gig when I was 15…I was way too under age to be drinking…but Joe passed me a beer and sat down next to me, asked me about art, music, School and GCSE’s. Probably one of the nicest people I have ever met…Absolute inspiration to Ejecto’s and everything we do…the reason we are independent and don’t bow down to the clampdown!!

15% of sales from the ‘Ejecto’s City Rockers’ range will go towards the Strummerville foundation set up by the friends and family of Joe Strummer . Strummerville : “85p in every £1 donated to us goes directly into supporting new music, nurturing new talent and developing projects and programmes. All of which offer opportunities to people through music who would not normally have access to this type of help.”

EPeace and Love – Eject (Ejectos.com) “Let fury have the hour, anger can be power”

 Clash_blk3 Clash_girlsblk hoody1


As always, expect the freshest designs with extreme attention to detail, all hand crafted with love to make highest quality goods! As mentioned, 15% of sales will go the the Strummerville Foundation.

The range drops TODAY (31/05/2013) at 12pm (GMT) so head over to check it out:

Ejecto’s *BUY HERE*
Ejecto’s Facebook
Ejecto’s Twitter

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