Jake Bugg – Jump on the craze!


Jake Bugg – The boy with a contagious sound. The 18 year old Nottingham born singer-songwriter is fast becoming the name on everyone’s lips – with the recent release of his eponymous debut LP . Take the cultural awareness of Bob Dylan and the swagger of a certain older Gallagher brother, and you’ve got yourself Jake Bugg. With a song-writing prowess seemingly steeped in nostalgia and way beyond his years, its hard to believe Bugg was born in 1994. With his songs reminiscent of the Legendary Buddy Holly, if he grew up on a council estate in East Midlands. A touch of rock ‘n’ roll with a hint of folk blues.

But don’t be fooled, though his older peers influence may shine through in his music, modern themes in Buggs lyrics remind us that our generation has it’s own problems and not to dwell on the ones of a bygone era. If you’re hunting for a contemporary artist with a vintage twist, just listen to the boy with the guitar and you’ll not be disappointed.

Words. Johanna Bras


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