Must See TV

Boardwalk Empire

Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire premiered on Sunday, for those who haven’t seen it, we strongly suggest you take a look! Possibly a little more difficult to get into than your usual trash TV (Good in my opinion) watch it from the start, worth it if only for episode 1 – directed by Martin Scorsese, and enjoy the glorious, epic story.

Sumptuous costume and sets really immerses you in the 1920’s, the era of prohibition; the level of detail is simply stunning. The story focuses on Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson (Steve Buschemi) and his struggle to maintain his power over Atlantic City. The cast is large (and talented) and story-lines many, with back stories to each character helping to build an authentic and realistic vision of the time and narrative.

I really cannot recommend it enough, one of the best TV programs of recent times. Hats off to HBO, again.

Watch Boardwalk Empire in the UK on Sky Atlantic, Saturday September 29th at 9pm.

More info here.


The Thick of It

Not to be outdone by our cousins over the Atlantic, this month also saw the premiere of season 4 of  The Thick of It, a satirical comedy based on the UK’s political parties and those in power (of course none of the characters are based on real people… hmm).

Created by Armando Ianucci (above) one of the people behind some of the best comedy on TV in recent years (Seriously, almost every good bit of comedy to come about has had him behind the scenes!), it examines both the party in power and the opposition, the main draw to the program has got to be Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) the Labour Spin Doctor, and his foul mouthed rants which are hilarious. The program is not only funny, witty and entertaining – it also goes a long way into looking at the state of the nation and how it is governed, exposing some of the ridiculous situations that can arise; I think it’s examination of the relationship between the press and government is particularly interesting and probably quite accurate.

Watch The Thick of It on BBC Two, Saturdays 9:45pm.

More info here.


Check out this story, Fact is stranger than fiction – Hilarious.

Alistair Campbell & Malcolm Tucker’s Swear-athon accidentally broadcast in creche.


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