fourScreen – James Lashmar

Throughout my time at University, I have continued to learn motion, animation and 3D design amongst other things. I also have a very keen interest in music and I love exploring the link between sound and visuals. When writing my dissertation, I explored the history of music video and discussed the idea of it becoming a ‘hot media’. I also explored the idea of holism within music. Holism is the theory that a whole, is greater than the sum of all its parts. My reading of Deleuze emphasises contingent holism and suggests that Deleuzian multiplicity should be seen micro-holisticaly. That is to say, music contains multiple instances of holism in the form of genres, with each genre having different conditions around its own emergence and also possible sub genres. FourScreen is my final project – an installation exploring holism with music providing a visual interactive experience.code



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