Before The Sun Sets – EP review

EP Artwork by KNOWNAIM.

‘Before the sun sets’ is the brand new EP from Stefan Melbourne, you may remember us posting a little piece on him earlier, which you can see here.


At Dirt Cheap we usually seem to align ourselves to the Hip Hop/Electronic genres, however we can appreciate other genres too (honest!). I know little of the indie/acoustic/folk scenes however I will endeavour to describe and review the EP as best I can!

Even though this is not our usual thing, the EP has been on repeat in our office since we had it delivered last week! The four tracks work really well together and are definitely stylistically quite strong and distinctive. The sound is to me quite melancholic, though maybe that is the wrong word… possibly nostalgic is a better fit, Stefan’s lyrics make quite vivid pictures in my mind, almost cinematic in a way, and I would definitely say listening to the songs I can imagine them as the soundtrack to the penultimate scene in a movie.


As strange as it sounds for a guy singing in a Northern English accent, the songs have a very American feel to them, such is is the style Stefan has created, blending Indie, Rock with more traditional Folk sounds.

He is supported by a second vocalist, Chloe Leavers, another very talented singer who lends a lilting, almost ethereal but definitely very feminine quality to the tracks. You can find out more about Chloe Leavers here. The EP also features Simon Robbs on accompanying instruments.

In the previous article we linked to the song ‘How long is always’ which also features on this EP as a finished cut. Personally I think this is still my favourite track on the EP, it is a really strong song with a great chorus. Coming up a close second/equal first is the title track ‘Before the sun sets’ (track 4). Which is perhaps the most emotional track.

That being said all four tracks are great, just get it, put it on repeat and enjoy!


Stefan has been steadily building a reputation for himself on the Manchester gig scene in recent years, the EP is brilliant, but he is even better live; to find out where he is playing, you can view his gig listings here.


You can purchase the EP as a CD, for only £5 (limited to only 200 copies, purchase includes digital copy) or digital format, for only £4 here.

You can find out more about Stefan Melbourne, on his website here. Follow him on Twitter here and Facebook here.


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