Odd Future – London

So as mentioned previously some of the Dirt Cheap team were involved in the Odd Future Popup shop in London. We also partied!

After the jump there are some pics from the shop and stuff…

First up, Stock take! Many tees and hoodies to count!

Working hard…

…or hardly working.

Day 1 queues – Round the block!

Kids were waiting from 4am! We were supposed to open at 11.30 and didn’t until about 12.30. These kids are dedicated!

Denim detailing – Fuck these Jeans! The clothing also featured ‘Fuck Washing’ instructions.


Pretty nutty shop décor – Cats are all the rage right…?

Golf Wang caps & Tees.

Shop interior.

‘The Fuzz’ – Dropped by for a visit, using their position of authority to skip past the queueing kids… nice.

Kewl kids.

Domo & Jasper talking to fans.

We got the guys chalk spraypaint so they could ‘damage’ the shop windows. They pretty much all painted cocks, which confused many of the passing traffic later in the week.

Signing stuff – Hodgy beats, Jasper & Left Brain.

Tyler the Creator creeping on the copper.

We took the guys out to Plan B in Brixton – In the VIP area popping Champagne and Whiskey. Mike G & Hodgy Beats.

E’ry day we be ballin’

Odd Future on stage at their Brixton Academy gig – under the dystopian-like image of Lucas.

The show was pretty live, to say I don’t really know their music much I can tell how kids go so mental for them. Stage diving and moshpits all over the place.

Nice seats for the show…!

I think this is a shot of some kid they picked up at the shop and randomly took to the gig, and out on stage.

Here is the really snobbish and out of touch (probably to be expected) report by Newsnight. Which seemed to be trying to make them out to be the most abhorrent thing to happen to pop music. To me they seem as controversial as many, many other pop acts previously.

Some videos from the popup store…

Kids of Grime

Connex TV

Tunnel Lite TV

So all in all, it was mad.



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