The Gypsy Woman that lives inside of every girl!

Essence of the gypsy

The gypsy that lives within me. Taken at Manchester spring fashion show 2012.

Whether or not it’s in the way you dress dance or live your life. The freedom of the traditional European gypsy lives deep within us all. The mystery of the original  traveler has always intrigued me. My obsession with the costume and fashion of their culture has only grown in time. I have decided to put this passion and enthusiasm into a photo shoot.

Teaming up with Photographer Alex Mortimer and Freelance model Laura Mann to produce this intriguing photoshoot. The theme will be based around the lifestyle and costumes of traditional European traveling women. From their fiery independence and passion to their fear and outcast issues they had to deal with. I am hoping to create a realistic and raw element to the shoot. Here are just a few mood boards i created for inspiration!

Styling and Mood boards.

 Colour and costume inspiration

Photography and lighting board.

More styling boards will be up soon and keep your eyes out for the final photo shoot!

Origins of the European Gypsy

Artistic Beauty of the Bohemian.

I remember looking at a  Rossetti painting as a child, wondering what the beautifully posed lady was truly like, was she an artistic eccentric or just his muse for that day?
Masses of long waved locks, gathered draped satin skirts, tight- fitting hand sewn bodices with a devilish purple and emerald palette. These mesmerising paintings were really the first portraits of the original bohemian women. The roots of this trend is commonly assosicated with Pre-Raphaelite women and Roma people (European bohemian travellers).The original gypsy bohemian primarily used clothes to identity their artistic unconventional lives. Colour palettes of red, greens, yellows and purples, a mix of materials from silks to cotton and chiffon and beautiful prints and trimmings- these are all elements of the original gypsy costume.  The culture was not intended to become a fashion craze for the 20th and 21st century. Rare beauty captured us all as catwalks, street style and certain fashion movements take inspiration from the mysterious and fearless gypsy.

More styling boards will be up soon and keep your eyes out for the final photo shoot!

Words Johanna Bras’


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