Adidas City Series

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Last week I completed a project I have been working on and off on for over a year, the idea first came to me in Jan of 2011 when the christmas break was over and there was a rare bit of time to chill, I wanted to work on a personal project.
I have been collecting vintage adidas trainers for the best part of 8 years (although I have now sold the majority of my collection) and accumulated thousands of photos in archives during those years. The inspiration for me to start collecting was actually adidas’s City series which has been growing since the late 70’s.

So I decided to take on the mammoth task of trying to record all the cities series trainers I could in visual format, almost like a check list for collectors. And so it began!

about a week later work got busy again and I put the project on the back burner until about three weeks ago when i rediscovered it, I decided I was going to finish it whatever it took (even when I should have been working on other paid projects!) Gotta thank my fiance Keziah for helping me put the trainers in a proper grid too! it really put the icing on the cake!

Thankfully it seems my work paid off as the print has been very well received by the trainer collecting community, I do however have to apologise as since I printed it I have noticed a few trainers that I had drawn but didn’t put on due to reformatting/laying it out about 3 or 4 times. This includes the Adidas Koln, Saratoga and original San Fran to name a few!

If you like the print and are interested in purchasing one, please give me a shout on


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