just rediscovered Helmut Smits, love his work, in particulare the pieces below!

Title: Photo Tip
Year: 2004
Materials: wood, print, sandbags, chair
Dimensions: L 450 cm W 244 cm H 220 cm

Title: Quarter Pipe
Year: 2005
Materials: wood, mirror, vinyl
Dimensions: L 250 cm B 190 cm H 160 cm
Photo by Rick Messemak

Title: The Real Thing
Year: 2006
Dimensions: L 400 cm W 250 cm H 200 cm
An installation to filter Coca-Cola into clean drinking water.
Photo by Rick Messemaker

Title: Full Colour
Year: 2008
Materials: CMYK soft drinks (Cyan – Gatorade Cool Blue / Magenta – Fernandes Cherry Bouquet /
Yellow – Orangeade / Black – Coca-Cola), jerrycans, socle, cup dispenser
Dimensions: L 45 cm W 95 cm H 140 cm
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg and FW

Title: Repairing
Year: 2009
A broken window repaired with the leaded glass technique.
Normally a leaded window is designed, in this case the design arised by chance.
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg

Skirting Board Sunset
Year: 2008
Materials: perspex, led lighting
Dimensions: L 10 cm W 75 cm H 38 cm
Photos by Lotte Stekelenburg

Title: I Love New Work
Year: 2007
Materials: two color (red & black) silkscreen t-shirt

I could go on all day!
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