American Sweetheart hypnotises us!

Lana Del Rey new kid on the block? 

Since her debut single – Video Games, It was hard to miss this beauty. Her throaty  voice and palpable sexuality have already generated some sort of cult following. It comes to no surprise that Lana has been signed to Next Model Agency, joining the likes of Alexa Chung and Arizona Muze.

Taking elements from the swingin’ sixties, with her blonde buffed hair and full, bee stung pout- is this doe eyed beauty our new muse or just a one night stand? 

You Like your Girls Insane?

Beautiful Painted Lana by Artist Paul Lovering 

Lana Del Rey cover girl for the new issue of Interview (Russia)                             Brigitte Bardot-esque meets silence of the lambs? 

Words. Johanna Bras’


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