3rd Floor Art Party

3 of Huddersfield’s very own art collectives have decided to throw an art party like no other! Any Which Way, Rag N Bone Collective and Fresh Kids have been putting on interactive, live and experimental art nights since 2007 and for one day time only have decided to come together and throw one MUTHA of a show!

The party will take place in a brand new space for all collectives. On the 3rd floor Balcony of one of Huddersfield’s finest shopping arcade, Byram Arcade! The space is unique and will give us a chance to do what we do best….. experiment..!!

Saturday 28th January.

12pm to 6pm.


Full details after the jump!

Any Which Way  will be bringing their 40ft wide 10ft high free art wall with pens and stuff provided (but bring as many as you can), basically just one big ass plain canvass for you to get creative on!

Rag N Bone Collective  will be bringing their DIY themed art projects which will be happening for the entirety of the day! Them boys have been secret about what they are actually doing, guess we will have to wait and see. They took this idea to Leeds at a previous event at Nation of Shop Keepers and stole the show so we are told!

The Fresh Kids Club co creator Oliver Lancaster Smith and Monsieur O’Toole will be adding to this event in more ways than one. Expect to see a good selection of both artists work on display and also their amazing Fresh Kids Zine Machine! (Basically it’s a portable photocopier where you can make there and then a true hand crafted old school zine! to take away and keep as you please!)

To finish the day off at 6pm when it gets dark 🙂 we have a very special experimental performence from a group who go by the name of Nocturnal Me!
Nocturnal Me will be using their very own custom built live visual performance VJing software and projecting live visuals right over the floor of Byram Arcade (all 3 floors up) onto a 15ft by 15ft canvass sheet. Not for the epileptic or weak hearted.

The art party on the 3rd floor will be sounded by The Le Bloc Sound System (aka Challis and GBS) who play vinyl only sets and everything from funk, soul, house, techno, jazz, samba, prog rock, disco, electronica and hip hop).

(Oh and lastly we have set a mission to ourselves, to try and cram as many good quality art exhibitions into one place! So expect to see some class work by some class artists!

The work will stay up for a while to remind us all that Huddersfield has a lot to offer in the art and creative spectrum (as she always has).

There’s a lot going on. So please try get down.


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