Black Ski Mask

Our friends over at Black Ski Mask have produced the first issue (first of many hopefully) of a dope little zine. Being thoroughly nice guys they sent us a copy, here is a little sneak preview. (Which wont do it justice!)

Damage, Riots, Trespass, Drugs, Drink, Life.

The ultra cool magazine is full of photography with a youthful, real life quality (albeit a very cool life). There is definitely a narrative aspect to most of the images, and these could easily be part of some series or frames from a piece of film. These images draw you in, excite and prick your interest.

Don’t let the fact the images are ‘rebellious’ in nature put you off, these photos should not be filed in the ever-growing, hipster photography strand. It’s not merely shots of ‘urban life’ the photos are actually brilliant images.

Alongside the photography are snippets of text, including poetry, commentary and snippets of song lyrics. My favourite being the tongue in cheek commentary which accompanies some of the images.

The design is simple and restrained, allowing the images ample space, the full page print is a nice touch too. Minimal typography and logo placement finishes the package. Other than that I would say it’s just bloody great to see a printed zine, print aint dead and quality little underground issues like this will maintain it doesn’t die completely!

I wont spoil it any more, well worth a buy and a read yourself.

Photography & words by Max Mallender, design by Jason Hollis.

40 pages, full colour, full page printing. Limited to 500 copies, Hand-numbered. Full list of stockists here.

Buy it here.

Find out more about Black Ski Mask and co on their website here.

– Thanks Black Ski Mask!


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