Connect the SPDIF

Caught this on soundcloud the other week, love it. If you don’t know, you really ought to; Buggsy #1 with Farma and Jehst two of the biggest heads in UK hip-hop.

Here is the video check this ish y’all!

Buggsy – ‘Connect The SPDIF’ Feat. Jehst & Farma G
Produced by The Purist (Roc Marciano, Action Bronson, R.A The Rugged Man)

Love when Farma comes in on this, and Buggsy’s flow is ill really feeling it, all in all a great tune with a lighthearted, playful feel to the lyrics and wordplay… All laid over a rolling beat.

Turn it up and pass the SPDIF…

This track is the 3rd single off Buggsy’s debut album ‘The Great Escape” featuring production from Skitz , 184 Productions , The Purist, Mr Mitch, Gemmy + Omari.

BUY the digital album here:

BUY the CD album here:
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Rarekind Records

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